Die Übersetzung von "mouth" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


noun /mauθ/ (plural mouths /mauðz/)

the opening in the head by which a human or animal eats and speaks or makes noises

What has the baby got in its mouth?

the opening or entrance eg of a bottle, river etc

goulot, embouchure
the mouth of the harbour.
mouthful noun

as much as fills the mouth

gorgée, bouchée
a mouthful of soup
He ate the cake in two mouthfuls.
mouth organ noun

a small musical instrument played by blowing or sucking air through its metal pipes.

mouthpiece noun

the piece of a musical instrument etc which is held in the mouth

bec, embouchure
the mouthpiece of a horn.

the part of a telephone etc into which one speaks.

mouthwash noun

an antiseptic liquid used for cleaning out the mouth.


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