Übersetzung von “natural” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivenatural /ˈnætʃərəl, ˈnætʃrəl/
(always before n) existing in nature, not made by humans

a drink made from all natural ingredients
une boisson entièrement faite avec des ingrédients naturels

a natural way to lower blood sugar
un moyen naturel de diminuer le sucre dans le sang

the beauty of the natural world
la beauté du monde naturel
normal or reasonable
naturel/-elle , normal/-ale

It's natural to feel sad when a pet dies.
Il est normal de se sentir triste lorsqu'un animal de compagnie meurt.

It seemed natural that she wanted to be with her brother.
Il semblait naturel qu'elle veuille être avec son frère.
(always before n) existing from birth
naturel/-elle , inné/-ée

a natural talent for art
un talent inné pour l'art

his natural leadership qualities
ses qualités innées de meneur d'hommes
sincere and not seeming false
naturel/-elle , simple

Her smile was natural and sweet.
Son sourire était naturel et doux.


noun countablenatural /ˈnætʃərəl, ˈnætʃrəl/
sb who does not have to try hard to do sth, or is exactly the right type to do sth
un/une ... né/née

As a pianist - he's a natural.
C'est un pianiste né.

a natural to fill the position
l'homme / la femme de la situation

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adjective /ˈnӕtʃərəl/

of or produced by nature, not made by men

Coal, oil etc are natural resources
Wild animals are happier in their natural state than in a zoo.

born in a person

naturel, inné
natural beauty
He had a natural ability for music.

(of manner) simple, without pretence

a nice, natural smile.

normal; as one would expect

naturel, normal
It’s quite natural for a boy of his age to be interested in girls.

of a musical note, not sharp or flat

G natural is lower in pitch than G sharp.
naturalist noun

a person who studies animal and plant life.

naturally adverb

of course; as one would expect

Naturally I didn’t want to risk missing the train.

by nature; as a natural characteristic

de nature
She is naturally kind.

normally; in a relaxed way

avec naturel
Although he was nervous, he behaved quite naturally.
natural gas

gas suitable for burning, found underground or under the sea.

gaz naturel
natural history

the study of plants and animals

histoire naturelle
the Natural History Museum in London.
natural resources

sources of energy, wealth etc which occur naturally and are not made by man, eg coal, oil, forests etc

ressources naturelles
the exploitation of natural resources by man



in music (a sign ( ) indicating) a note which is not to be played sharp or flat.

bécarre, note naturelle

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