Übersetzung von “near” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


prepositionnear /nɪər/
=close; at a short distance
près de

We live near the old factory.
Nous habitons près de l"ancienne usine.

He moved nearer to her.
Il se rapprocha d'elle.
=close; at a time that is not far away

Thanksgiving is near the end of November.
Thanksgiving est proche de la fin de novembre.
=close; indicates a number is slightly higher or lower than sth
près de , aux alentours de

With gas prices near the $3 mark, it's getting more expensive to drive a car.
Avec des prix du pétrole approchant de la barre des 3$, cela devient plus onéreux de conduire une voiture.

temperatures dropping near zero
des températures tombant aux alentours de zéro
Brit =close; similar to
come near to
se rapprocher de

Nobody comes near to him in speed.
Personne ne se rapproche de lui en vitesse.
=close; in a state similar to
proche de

an old man near death
un vieil homme proche de la mort

worshipers reaching near ecstasy
des adorateurs proches de l'extase


adjectivenear /nɪər/
=close to; ≠far; a short distance from

the nearest star to Earth
l'étoile la plus proche de la terre

I could tell the plane was near.
Je pouvais dire que l'avion était proche.
(always before n) almost sth, or almost in a particular state

a near tragedy
proche de la tragédie

reports that she is near death
des rumeurs disant qu'elle est au seuil de la mort
the nearest
=the closest; the most similar
le/la plus proche de

I was the nearest thing to a sister he had.
Je pouvais passer pour sa sœur.
in the near future
at a time not very long from now
dans un futur proche

He'll be visiting again in the near future.
Il nous rendra à nouveau visite dans un futur proche.


adverbnear [ nɪər ]
=close; at a short distance

as the horses came nearer
comme les chevaux approchaient
=close; at a time that is not far away
draw near

as the end of summer drew near
comme la fin de l'été approchait
used with adjectives to mean "almost"

a near-perfect score
un score presque parfait
nowhere near/not anywhere near
emphasizes sth is not enough
loin de

Six months is nowhere near enough time.
Six mois, c'est loin d'être assez de temps.


verb transitive-intransitivenear [ nɪər ]
formal =approach; to come closer to a time

The year is nearing its end.
L'année touche à sa fin.

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adjective /niə/

not far away in place or time

The station is quite near
Christmas is getting near.

not far away in relationship

He is a near relation.
nearly adverb

not far from; almost

It’s nearly one o’clock
He has nearly finished.
nearness noun

nearby /niəˈbai/ adverb

close to here or the place mentioned

He lives nearby
a cottage with a stream running nearby.
nearside adjective

(of the side of a vehicle etc) furthest from the centre of the road

côté droit
The nearside front wing of the car is dented.
near-sighted adjective


a near miss

something that is almost a hit, success etc

It was a near miss – the ball whistled past the left post by a matter of inches.



(with to) close to

près de
Don’t sit too near to the window.

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