Übersetzung von “neck” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableneck /nɛk/
the part of the body between the shoulders and head
cou masculine

a scarf tied around her neck
une écharpe nouée autour de son cou

the swan's long graceful neck
le long cou gracieux du cygne
the opening of a piece of clothing, which your head goes through
encolure feminine

a low-necked blouse
un chemisier décolleté
indicates the shape of the neck
(indique la forme du col) notPredefined

a v-neck/crew-neck/turtle-neck sweater
un pull à col en V / ras du cou / à col montant
a long thin part of an object
goulot masculine , manche masculine

a wine bottle's neck
le goulot d'une bouteille de vin

the neck of the violin
le manche du violon
up to your neck in sth
dealing with a lot of sth bad or difficult
plongé/-ée jusqu'au cou dans

I'm up to my neck in assignments for school.
Je suis plogé jusqu'au cou dans mes devoirs pour l'école.
neck and neck (with)
competing closely with
au coude à coude (avec)

The two candidates are neck and neck.
Les deux candidats sont au coude à coude.
neck of the woods
indicates a particular area where sth happens or sb lives
coin masculine

Is there a lot of snow in your neck of the woods?
Y a-t-il beaucoup de neige dans ton coin ?

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noun /nek/

the part of the body between the head and chest

She wore a scarf around her neck.

the part of an article of clothing that covers that part of the body

The neck of that shirt is dirty.

anything like a neck in shape or position

col, goulot
the neck of a bottle.
necklace /-ləs/ noun

a string of jewels, beads etc worn around the neck

a diamond necklace.
neckline noun

the edge of a piece of clothing at or around a person’s neck

The dress has a very low neckline.
necktie noun

(American) a man’s tie.

neck and neck

(in a race) exactly equal

à égalité
The horses were neck and neck as they came up to the finish.

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