Übersetzung von “need” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitiveneed /nid/
indicates sth is necessary or required
avoir besoin de

I'm so hot - I need a drink.
J'ai tellement chaud, j'ai besoin d'un verre.

She needs help.
Elle a besoin d'aide.

You need to show ID at the door.
Il faut montrer une pièce d'identité à l'entrée.
indicates what you should do or want to do
falloir , devoir

I need to go shopping.
Il faut que j'aille / je dois aller faire des courses.

You just need to keep trying.
Il faut juste continuer d'essayer.


verb modalneed [ nid ]
formal indicates what is necessary
avoir besoin

You needn't worry.
Tu n'as pas besoin / ce n'est pas la peine de t'inquiéter.
need hardly
indicates it is not necessary to do sth
inutile de

I need hardly say that the artist is one of our national treasures.
Inutile de dire que cet artiste est l'un de nos trésors nationaux.


nounneed /nid/
a situation in which sth is necessary
besoin masculine

an urgent need for food aid
un besoin urgent d'aide alimentaire

There is no need to be afraid.
Il n'y a pas de quoi avoir peur.

The house is in need of a paint job.
La maison a besoin d'un coup de peinture.
meet/satisfy a need
to do what is necessary
combler un besoin

a program that meets the needs of the community
un programme qui comble les besoins de la communauté
countable sth sb needs to live or achieve sth
besoin masculine

Everyone has needs.
Tout le monde a des besoins.
countable-uncountable a strong feeling that you want sth
besoin masculine

a child's need for love
le besoin d'amour d'un enfant

I felt the need to visit my family.
Je ressens le besoin de rendre visite à ma famille.
uncountable the state of not having enough food, shelter, money, etc.
besoin masculine

a charity serving children in need
une organisation caritative au service des enfants dans le besoin
if need be
if sth is necessary
si besoin est

We'll save the money for the trip, if need be.
Nous économiserons de l'argent pour le voyage, si besoin est.

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verb /niːd/ (negative short form needn’t /ˈniːdnt/)

to require

avoir besoin de
This page needs to be checked again
This page needs checking again
Do you need any help?

to be obliged

avoir besoin de, falloir
You need to work hard if you want to succeed
They don’t need to come until six o’clock
She needn’t have given me such an expensive present.
needless adjective, adverb


You are doing a lot of needless work
Needless to say, he couldn’t do it.
needlessly adverb

needy adjective


You must help needy people.
a need for

a lack of; a requirement for

besoin de
There is an urgent need for teachers in this city.
in need of

requiring; having a lack of

besoin de
We’re in need of more money
You’re badly in need of a haircut.



poverty or other difficulty

Many people are in great need.

a reason

There is no need for panic.

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