Übersetzung von “needle” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableneedle /ˈnidl/
a thin hollow piece of metal used for giving medicine through the skin
aiguille feminine

I'm afraid of needles.
J'ai peur des aiguilles.
a thin pointed piece of metal used for sewing or knitting
aiguille feminine

a needle and thread
une aiguille et du fil

knitting needles
des aiguilles à tricoter
a long thin object that points to a number, level, direction, etc. on a device
aiguille feminine

The speedometer needle pointed to 80 mph.
L'aiguille du compteur de vitesse indiquait 50 km/h.
( pine needle ) a long thin leaf of a pine tree
aiguille feminine

pine needles on the ground
des aiguilles de pin sur le sol

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noun /ˈniːdl/

a small, sharp piece of steel with a hole (called an eye) at one end for thread, used in sewing etc

a needle and thread
a sewing needle.

any of various instruments of a long narrow pointed shape

a knitting needle
a hypodermic needle.

(in a compass etc) a moving pointer

The needle is pointing North.

the thin, sharp-pointed leaf of a pine, fir etc

The Christmas tree tends to drop all its needles.
needlework noun

work done with a needle ie sewing, embroidery etc.

travaux d’aiguille

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