Übersetzung von “nerve” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounnerve /nɜrv/
countable a part of your body that sends messages to your brain, allowing you to sense pain, heat, etc.
nerf masculine

a pinched nerve in his lower back
un nerf pincé dans le bas de son dos
uncountable courage to do sth dangerous or difficult
culot masculine

I didn't think I would have the nerve to ask for more money.
Je ne pensais pas qu'il aurait le culot de demander plus d'argent.
keep/lose your nerve
garder/perdre son sang-froid

It was scary at first, but she never lost her nerve.
C'était effrayant au début mais elle n'a jamais perdu son sang-froid.
nerves plural
worry or anxiety, especially before you perform, compete, etc.

My nerves are so bad just before I go on stage.
Mes nerfs sont tellement à cran avant que je monte sur scène.
have the nerve
to have a complete lack of concern about doing sth that will upset sb
avoir le culot

I can't believe he has the nerve to be here after what he did to her.
Je ne peux pas croire qu'il ait le culot d'être présent après ce qu'il lui a fait.
get on sb's nerves
to annoy sb
taper sur les nerfs de qqn

Turn that music off - it's getting on my nerves.
Eteins cette musique, elle me tape sur les nerfs.

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noun /nəːv/

one of the cords which carry messages between all parts of the body and the brain

the optic nerve.


He must have needed a lot of nerve to do that
He lost his nerve.


What a nerve!
nerves noun plural

the condition of being too easily excited or upset

She suffers from nerves.
nervous adjective

of the nerves

the nervous system.

rather afraid

She was nervous about travelling by air
a nervous old lady.
nervously adverb

nervousness noun

nervy adjective


The horse is rather nervy.
nerviness noun

nerve-racking adjective

causing great anxiety or nervousness

a nerve-racking experience.
nervous breakdown

a period of mental illness caused by a time of great strain

dépression nerveuse
He siffered a nervous breakdown.
nervous system

the brain, spinal cord and nerves of a person or animal.

système nerveux
get on someone’s nerves

to irritate someone

taper sur les nerfs de
Her behaviour really gets on my nerves.

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