Übersetzung von “net” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounnet /nɛt/
countable-uncountable pieces of string woven together into a pattern of squares and used to catch fish, etc.
filet masculine

fishermen's nets
des filets de pêcheurs
countable in hockey, soccer, etc. the net and posts into which players try to hit, kick, or throw the ball, puck, etc.
filet masculine

She kicked the ball into the net.
Elle envoya le ballon dans le filet d'un coup de pied.
the Net
informal the Internet
la toile

We advertise on the Net.
Nous faisons de la publicité sur la toile.


adjectivenet /nɛt/ (always before n)
(of money) left after all other amounts have been taken off

a net salary/income
un salaire/revenu net
relating to the weight of sth without a container

a net weight of 13 ounces
un poids net de 13 onces
; see also gross

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noun /net/

(any of various devices for catching creatures, eg fish, or for any of a number of other purposes, consisting of) a loose open material made of knotted string, thread, wire etc

(de/au) filet
a fishing net
a hairnet
a tennis net
(also adjective) a net curtain.
netting noun

material made in the form of a net

tulle, treillis
wire netting.
netball noun

a team game in which a ball is thrown into a net hanging high up on a pole.

She enjoys playing netball with her friends.
network noun

anything in the form of a net, ie with many lines crossing each other

A network of roads covered the countryside.

a widespread organization

a radio network
television networks.

a system of computers that can exchange messages and information

The Internet is a global computer network


adjective /net/

(of a profit etc) remaining after all expenses etc have been paid

The net profit from the sale was $200.

(of the weight of something) not including the packaging or container

The sugar has a net weight of 1 kilo
The sugar weighs one kilo net.

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