Übersetzung von “never” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adverbnever /ˈnɛvər/
not ever, not at any time

She'd never been abroad before.
Elle n'était jamais allée à l'étranger auparavant.

I would never steal anything.
Je ne volerais jamais quoi que ce soit.
never mind
spoken used to tell sb not to worry
peu importe

"I'm sorry I can't come." "Never mind, we'll find another time."
"Je suis désolé de ne pouvoir venir." "Peu importe, nous trouverons un autre moment."
you never know
spoken indicates you think sth is possible even though it is not expected
on ne sait jamais

You never know, she might change her mind.
On ne sait jamais, elle pourrait changer d'avis.

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adverb /ˈnevə/

not ever; at no time

I shall never go there again
Never have I been so angry.
nevermore adverb

never again.

jamais plus
nevertheless /-ðəˈles/ adverb

in spite of that

malgré tout
I am feeling ill, but I shall come with you nevertheless.

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