Übersetzung von “night” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countable-uncountablenight /naɪt/
the period of time when it is dark
nuit feminine

animals that hunt at night
les animaux qui chassent la nuit

I woke several times during the night.
Je me suis réveillé plusieurs fois pendant la nuit.

She lay waiting for the night to end.
Elle était allongée, attendant que la nuit se termine.
evening, before going to sleep
soir masculine

You've been out three nights this week.
Tu es sorti trois soirs cette semaine.

Would you like to come over for dinner on Saturday night?
Aimeriez-vous venir dîner samedi soir ?
last night
yesterday evening
hier soir

He arrived last night.
Il est arrivé hier soir.
a late/early night
an occasion when you go to bed late or early
aller se coucher tôt/tard

I really need to have an early night tonight.
J'ai vraiment besoin d'aller me coucher tôt ce soir.
Night night
used to wish a child a good night's sleep when they go to bed
Bonne nuit

Night, night, sweetheart.
Bonne nuit, mon ange.

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noun /nait/

the period from sunset to sunrise

(de) nuit
We slept well that night
They talked all night (long)
He travelled by night and rested during the day
The days were warm and the nights were cool
(also adjective) He is doing night work.

the time of darkness

In the Arctic in winter, night lasts for twenty-four hours out of twenty-four.
nightly adjective, adverb

every night

(de) tous les soirs
a nightly news programme
He goes there nightly.
nightclub noun

a club open at night for drinking, dancing, entertainment etc.

boîte de nuit
nightdress noun ( nightgown)

a garment for wearing in bed.

chemise de nuit
nightfall noun

the beginning of night; dusk.

tombée de la nuit
nightmare noun

a frightening dream

I had a nightmare about being strangled.
nightmarish adjective

night school noun

(a place providing) educational classes held in the evenings for people who are at work during the day.

école du soir
night shift

(a period of) work during the night

poste de nuit
He’s on (the) night shift this week.

the people who work during this period

équipe de nuit
We met the night shift leaving the factory.
night-time noun

the time when it is night

Owls are usually seen at night-time.
nightwatchman noun

a person who looks after a building etc during the night.

gardien/-ienne de nuit

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