Übersetzung von “No.” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


No., no.

Read question no.3.
Lisez la question n° 3.


determinerno /noʊ/
not any, not one
pas de , aucun/-une

There are no muffins left.
Il ne reste plus de muffins.

There are no women on the board of directors.
Il n'y a pas de femmes au conseil d'administration.

We have no milk.
Nous n'avons pas de lait.
indicates sth is not permitted
interdit de

There's is to be no talking during the exam.
Il est interdit de parler pendant l'examen.

No smoking.
Interdiction de fumer.


interjectionno /noʊ/
indicates a negative response

"Are you comfortable?" "No, not really."
"Est-ce que vous êtes bien ?" "Non, pas vraiment."

"Didn't they hear me?" "No, I don't think so."
"Ils ne m'ont pas entendu ?" "Non, je ne pense pas."
No thank you/ No thanks
Non merci

"Would you like some more pasta?" "No, thank you."
"Voulez-vous des pâtes ?" "Non, merci."
indicates agreement with a negative statement

"They don't seem very happy to me." "No they don't."
"Ils ne me semblent pas très heureux." "Non."

"The water's not hot enough, is it?" "No."
"L'eau n'est pas assez chaude, si ?" "Non."
used to warn sb not to do sth

No, Julie! Stop!
Non, Julie ! Arrête !


adverbno /noʊ/
no ... than
not any or not at all
pas ... que/de

Papers must be handed in no later than Monday April 5th.
Les devoirs doivent être rendus au plus tard pour lundi 5 avril.

The test was no harder than I had expected.
L'épreuve n'était pas plus difficile que je m'y attendais.

No more than fifty people are allowed in the room.
On n'admet pas plus de cinquante personnes dans cette pièce.

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written abbreviation


room No. 145.


adjective /nəu/

not any

pas de, aucun
We have no food
No other person could have done it.

not allowed

défense de
No smoking.

not a

ne pas, aucun
He is no friend of mine
This will be no easy task.
nobody pronoun

no person; no-one

Nobody likes him.
no-one pronoun

no person; nobody

She will see no-one
No-one is to blame.
there’s no saying/knowing etc

it is impossible to say, know etc

impossible de…
There’s no denying it
There’s no knowing what she will say.


noun plural

a refusal

She answered with a definite no.

a vote against something

The noes have won.

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