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adverbnot /nɒt/
( n't ) used to make a word, phrase, or sentence negative
ne ... pas

I am not leaving.
Je ne pars pas.

She doesn't like him.
Elle ne l'aime pas

I asked you not to read that.
Je t'ai demandé de ne pas lire cela.

Not everyone is as smart as you are.
Tout le monde n'est pas aussi intelligent que toi.

It wasn't much fun.
Ça n'était pas tellement amusant.
not even
emphasizes sth is surprising because it did not happen
même pas

Not even the kids liked the cookies.
Même les enfants n'ont pas aimé les petits gâteaux.

He didn't even try to help.
Il n'a même pas essayé de donner un coup de main.
not at all
emphasizes sth negative
pas du tout

It doesn't taste good at all.
Ça n'était pas bon du tout.
not one/not a single
emphasizes nobody or nothing did sth
pas un/une seul/seule

Not a single person came.
Pas une seule personne n'est venue.
used to express the negative alternative to what has just been said
non , pas

Do you want it, or not?
Le veux-tu ou non ?

"Is it going to rain?" "I hope not."
"Est-ce qu'il va pleuvoir ?" "J'espère que non."
( n't ) used to ask a question to which the answer is expected to be "yes"
non , n'est-ce pas

That was a good book, wasn't it?
C'était un bon livre, non ?

We learned a lot, didn't we?
Nous avons beaucoup appris, n'est-ce pas ?
not that ...
used to make what you have just said sound less strong
non que ...

He really wants the job - not that enthusiasm is a bad thing.
Il veut vraiment ce travail, non que l'enthousiasme soit une mauvaise chose.

(Übersetzung von “not” aus dem GLOBAL English-French Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)


adverb /not/

(often abbreviated to n’t) a word used for denying, forbidding, refusing, or expressing the opposite of something

I did not see him
I didn’t see him
He isn’t here
Isn’t he coming?
They told me not to go
Not a single person came to the party
We’re going to London, not Paris
That’s not true!

used with certain verbs such as hope, seem, believe, expect and also with be afraid

‘Have you got much money?’ ‘I’m afraid not’
‘Is he going to fail his exam?’ ‘I hope not’.
not at all

it does not matter; it is not important etc

de rien
‘Thank you for helping me.’ ‘Not at all.’

(Übersetzung von “not” aus dem PASSWORD English-French Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)

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