Übersetzung von “notice” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitive-intransitivenotice /ˈnoʊtɪs/
to see or become aware of

He noticed a young woman in the corner.
Il remarqua une jeune femme dans le coin.

"Was she with someone?" "I didn't notice."
"Etait-elle avec quelqu'un ?" "Je n'ai pas remarqué."

I noticed that you don't have your bag.
J'ai remarqué que tu n'as pas ton sac.


nounnotice /ˈnoʊtɪs/
countable a sign or official document giving information or a warning
pancarte feminine , annonce feminine , avis masculine

The notice read, "No Hunting."
La pancarte disait "Chasse interdite".

They posted a notice on their website.
Il ont publié une annonce sur leur site Internet.

a notice of default from the bank
un avis de non-paiement de la banque
uncountable information explaining or warning that sth will happen
préavis masculine

He gave a month's notice before leaving his job.
Il a donné un préavis d'un mois avant de quitter son emploi.
until further notice
until more information is given
jusqu'à nouvel ordre

Closed until further notice.
Fermé jusqu'à nouvel ordre.
take notice
to pay attention
faire attention

She took no notice of her little brother.
Elle ne faisait pas attention à son petit frère.

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noun /ˈnəutis/

a written or printed statement to announce something publicly

avis, entrefilet
He stuck a notice on the door, saying that he had gone home
They put a notice in the paper announcing the birth of their daughter.


His skill attracted their notice
I’ll bring the problem to his notice as soon as possible.

warning given especially before leaving a job or dismissing someone

préavis, congé
Her employer gave her a month’s notice
The cook gave in her notice
Please give notice of your intentions.
noticeable adjective

(likely to be) easily noticed

There’s a slight stain on this dress, but it’s not really noticeable.
noticeably adverb

This ball of wool is noticeably darker than these others.
noticed adjective

(negative unnoticed).

noticeboard noun (American bulletin board)

a usually large board eg in a hall, school etc on which notices are put

panneau d’affichage
She left a message on the school noticeboard.
at short notice

without much warning time for preparation etc

à la dernière minute
He had to make the speech at very short notice when his boss suddenly fell ill.
take notice of

to pay attention to

tenir compte de
He never takes any notice of what his father says
Take no notice of gossip.

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