Die Übersetzung von "now" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


adverb /nau/

(at) the present period of time

à présent
I am now living in England.

at once; immediately

I can’t do it now – you’ll have to wait.

(at) this moment

maintenant; à partir de maintenant
He’ll be at home now
From now on, I shall be more careful about what I say to her.

(in stories) then; at that time

We were now very close to the city.

because of what has happened etc

dans ces circonstances
I now know better than to trust her.

a word in explanations, warnings, commands, or to show disbelief

bon! allons!
Now this is what happened
Stop that, now!
Do be careful, now.
nowadays adverb

at the present period of time

Food is very expensive nowadays.
for now

pour l’instant
That will be enough for now – we’ll continue our conversation tomorrow.
just now

a moment ago

à l’instant
I saw him just now in the street.
(every) now and then/again

sometimes; occasionally

de temps à autre
We go to the theatre (every) now and then.
now ( now!)

an expression used to warn or rebuke

allons, allons!
Now, now! Behave yourself!
now then

an expression used for calming people etc

‘Now then,’ said the policeman, ‘what’s going on here?’

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