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noun countableobject /ˈɒbdʒɪkt, -dʒɛkt/
a thing that is not living
objet masculine

She took a vase and a few other household objects.
Elle a prit un vase et quelques autres objets ménagers.
=aim; a purpose or goal
but masculine

The object of the game is to win the most cards.
Le but du jeu est de gagner le plus de cartes possible.

The object is to help older people stay at home.
Le but est d'aider les personnes âgées à rester chez elles.


verbobject /əbˈdʒɛkt/
intransitive to disagree or be against
élever une objection contre , protester contre

He objected to being called a little boy.
Il protestait contre le fait qu'on l'appelle un petit garçon.
transitive to give sth as a reason why you are against sth

Some readers objected that the ad was misleading.
Quelques lecteurs objectèrent que l'annonce était trompeuse.

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noun /ˈobdʒikt/

a thing that can be seen or felt

There were various objects on the table.

an aim or intention

His main object in life was to become rich.

the word or words in a sentence or phrase which represent(s) the person or thing affected by the action of the verb

complément (d’objet)


verb /əbˈdʒekt/

(often with to) to feel or express dislike or disapproval

He wanted us to travel on foot but I objected (to that).
objection /əbˈdʒekʃən/ noun

an expression of disapproval

He raised no objection to the idea.

a reason for disapproving

My objection is that he is too young.
objectionable /-ˈdʒekʃə-/ adjective


a very objectionable person.
objectionably adverb


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