Übersetzung von “occupy” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitiveoccupy /ˈɒkyəˌpaɪ/ ( occupies, occupied )
=take up; to fill or be using a room, building, or space

A couch and chairs occupied most of the space.
Un canapé et des chaises occupaient la plus grande partie de l'espace.

The company currently occupies the first and second floors.
L'entreprise occupe actuellement les premier et second étages.
(of a military) to take control of another country or area

the forces occupying our land
les forces occupant notre pays
formal to live in or use a building, room, or other space
occuper , habiter

the couple who currently occupy the apartment
le couple qui occupe/habite actuellement l'appartement
to fill sb's time or keep sb's attention

She tried to occupy herself with a book.
Elle essaie de s'occuper avec un livre.

the worries that had occupied her mind
les soucis qui lui occupent l'esprit

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verb /ˈokjupai/

to be in or fill (time, space etc)

A table occupied the centre of the room.

to live in

The family occupied a small flat.

to capture

The soldiers occupied the town.
occupant noun

a person who occupies (a house etc), not necessarily the owner of the house

Who is the present occupant of the apartment?
occupation noun

a person’s job or work

métier, profession
’What is your occupation?’ ’I’m an engineer.’

the act of occupying (a house, town etc)


the period of time during which a town, house etc is occupied

During the occupation, there was a shortage of food.
occupational adjective

of, or caused by, a person’s job

qui a rapport au métier/à la profession
an occupational hazard.
occupier noun

an occupant

the previous occupiers of the building.

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