Übersetzung von “offend” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verboffend /əˈfɛnd/
transitive to upset or make sb angry by saying or doing sth they do not approve of

Would it offend him if we didn't go?
Est-ce que cela l'offenserait si nous n'y allions pas ?
intransitive to break the law
commettre une infraction

young criminals who offend again and again
des jeunes criminels qui commettent des infractions encore et encore


adjectiveoffended [ əˈfɛndɪd ]

I'd be really offended if someone said that to me.
Je serais vraiment blessé si quelqu'un me disait cela.

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verb /əˈfend/

to make feel upset or angry

offenser, choquer
If you don’t go to her party she will be offended
His criticism offended her.

to be unpleasant or disagreeable

Cigarette smoke offends me.
offence noun (American offense)

a crime

The police charged him with several offences.

(any cause of) anger, displeasure, hurt feelings etc

sujet de mécontentement/déplaisir
That rubbish dump is an offence to the eye.
offender noun

a person who offends, especially against the law

délinquant, ante, contrevenant/-ante
a young offender.
offensive /-siv/ adjective


offensive remarks.


an offensive smell.

used to attack

an offensive weapon.
offensively adverb

d’une manière offensante
offensiveness noun

nature offensante
be on the offensive

to be making an attack

être en position d’attaque
She always expects people to criticize her and so she is always on the offensive.
take offence (with at)

to be offended (by something)

s’offenser de
He took offence at what she said.

(Übersetzung von “offend” aus dem PASSWORD English-French Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)