Übersetzung von “offense” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


offense /əˈfɛnsˈɔfɛns, ˈɒfɛns/, Brit offence /əˈfɛns, ˈɔfɛns, ˈɒfɛns/ noun
countable an illegal action
infraction feminine

He had committed three previous offenses.
Il avait commis trois précédentes infractions.
uncountable the feeling of being offended by sth sb says or does
offense feminine

I apologize if I have caused offense.
Je m'excuse si je vous ai offensé.
No offense
spoken indicates you do not want sb to be offended by what you are about to say
Sans vouloir t'/vous offenser

Look, no offense, but that really wasn't very good.
Regarde, sans vouloir t' offenser, ça n'était pas très bon.
take offense
to be offended

Don't take offense, but I think we'll have to change what you've written.
Ne vous offensez pas mais je pense que nous allons devoir changer ce que vous avez écrit.


offense /əˈfɛnsˈɔfɛns, ˈɒfɛns/, Brit offence /əˈfɛns, ˈɔfɛns, ˈɒfɛns/ noun
uncountable ≠defense; singular the part of a team with the job of scoring points
attaquants masculine dual

The offense played terribly.
Les attaquants ont super bien joué.

Two defensive players switched to offense.
Deux joueurs de la défense placés comme attaquants.

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