Übersetzung von “oil” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun uncountableoil /ɔɪl/
a thick liquid substance taken from plants or animals and used in cooking
huile feminine

olive/sunflower oil
huile d'olive / de tournesol
a thick black liquid taken from under the ground
pétrole masculine , essence feminine

a Texas oil well
un puits de pétrole texan

The car needs more oil.
La voiture a besoin d'essence.


verb transitiveoil /ɔɪl/
to put oil on sth

He was oiling his brakes.
Il lubrifiait ses freins.

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noun /oil/

a usually thick liquid that will not mix with water, obtained from plants, animals and minerals

olive oil
cooking oil
He put some oil on the hinges of the door
The car’s engine is in need of oil.
oils noun plural

oil paint

He paints in oils.
oily adjective

of, like or covered with oil

huileux, gras
an oily liquid
an oily rag.

trying to be too friendly or polite

The waiters in that restaurant are too oily.
oilfield noun

a place where mineral oil is found

gisement pétrolifère
There are oilfields in the North Sea.
oil paint

paint made with oil

peinture à huile
Some artists prefer to use oil paint(s).
oil painting

a picture painted with oil paints.

peinture à l’huile
oil palm

a palm tree whose fruit and seeds yield oil.

palmier à huile
oil rig noun

a structure used to drill oil-wells

The ship sailed past an enormous oil rig.
oil tanker noun

a ship used for carrying oil

An oil tanker has run aground near here.
oil well noun

a hole drilled into the earth or the sea-bed to obtain petroleum.

puits de pétrole
strike oil

to find oil under the ground

trouver du pétrole
After drilling for several months, they finally struck oil
We’ve struck oil (= found what we have been looking for) in our search for a suitable house.

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