Übersetzung von “olive” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounolive /ˈɒlɪv/
countable a small green or black Mediterranean fruit, eaten or used to make oil
olive feminine

cheese and olives
fromage et olives

Olive oil is healthier.
L'huile d'olive est meilleure pour la santé.
countable-uncountable ( olive green ) a yellowish green color
(vert) olive masculine

a chair painted olive green
une chaise peinte en vert olive


adjectiveolive /ˈɒlɪv/
yellowish green in color
vert/verte olive , olive (inv)

olive green curtains
des rideaux verts olive
(of skin) light brown and slightly yellow

her beautiful dark eyes and olive skin
ses beaux yeux noirs et sa peau olivâtre

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noun /ˈoliv/

a type of edible fruit which is used as a garnish etc and which gives oil used for cooking

He put an olive in her cocktail
(also adjective) an olive tree
olive oil.

the tree on which it grows

a grove of olives.

(also olive-green) the brownish-green or yellowish-green colour of the fruit

(vert) olive
They painted the room olive
(also adjective) She wore an olive-green hat.

(also olive-wood) the wood of the tree.

(bois d’)olivier
olive branch

a sign of a wish for peace

rameau d’olivier
The government held out the olive branch to its opponents.

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