Übersetzung von “one” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


numberone /wʌn/
the number 1

One, two, three ...
Un, deux, trois ...


determinerone /wʌn/
indicates a particular person or thing
un masculine , une feminine

One solution is to invite all of them.
Une solution est de tous les inviter.

One of my friends had a car accident last weekend.
Un de mes amis a eu un accident de voiture le week-end dernier.
indicates a particular time

We should go out for a drink one night.
Nous devrions sortir prendre un verre un soir.

I was bored one day and decided I needed to travel.
Un jour, je m'ennuyais et j'ai décidé que j'avais besoin de voyager.
seulseule , unique

Women are his one weakness.
Les femmes sont sa seule / son unique faiblesse.
the one
le seul / la seule

The weather is the one thing I don't like about living here.
Le temps est la seule chose que je n'aime pas dans le fait de vivre ici.
emphasizes an adjective
un/une bien

That's one beautiful horse.
C'est un bien beau cheval.
one at a time
no more than one at the same time
un/une à la fois

Place them carefully in the box one at a time.
Placez-les avec précaution dans la boîte, un à la fois.
one by one
separately, one after the other
un/une par un/une , un/une à un/une

One by one they left the room.
Un à un, ils quittèrent la pièce.


pronounone [ wʌn ]
indicates a particular person or thing that has been mentioned

I'm getting an ice cream cone. Do you want one?
Je vais prendre un cornet de glace. Est-ce que tu en veux un ?

There are so many people. Which one is he?
Il y a tellement de gens. Lequel est-ce ?
the one/ones

How can they afford it? They're the ones with no money.
Comment peuvent-ils se le permettre ? Eux qui n'ont pas d'argent.

You're the one who told everybody the secret.
Tu es celui qui a divulgué le secret à tout le monde.
formal indicates people in general

One should exercise regularly.
On devrait faire de l'exercice régulièrement.

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noun /wan/

the number or figure 1

One and one is two (1 + 1 = 2).

the age of 1

un an
Babies start to talk at one.

having one (of something)

d’un/à un seul
a one-legged man.
oneself pronoun

used as the object of a verb, the subject of which is one

se, soi-même
One should wash oneself every morning.

used in emphasis

One always has to do these things oneself.
one-night stand noun

(slang) a one-night sex partner; sexual intercourse with a one-night partner.

coup d’un soir
one-off noun, adjective

(something) made, intended etc for one occasion only

It’s just a one-off arrangement.
one-parent family noun

(also single parent family) a family with only a mother or a father to look after the children

famille monoparentale
one-sided adjective

with one person or side having a great advantage over the other

a one-sided contest.

representing only one aspect of a subject

a one-sided discussion.
one-way adjective

in which traffic can move in one direction only

à sens unique
a one-way street.

(especially American) valid for travel in one direction only

a one-way ticket.
one-year-old noun

a person or animal that is one year old.

(individu, etc.) âgé d’un an
all one

just the same

tout un
It’s all one to me what she does.
be one up on (a person)

to have an advantage over (someone)

marquer un point sur (qqn)
We brought out a book on this before our rivals so we’re one up on them.
not be oneself

to look or feel ill, anxious etc

se sentir mal fichu
I’d better go home – I’m not myself today.
one and all

all (of a group)

tous sans exception
This was agreed by one and all.
one another

used as the object of a verb when an action takes place between people etc

l’un l’autre
They hit one another.
one by one

(of a number of people, things etc) one after the other

un par un
He examined all the patients one by one.
one or two

a few

un ou deux
I don’t want a lot of nuts – I’ll just take one or two.
one of is followed by a plural noun or pronoun, but takes a singular verb: One of the girls works as a hairdresser ; One of them is ill.



anyone; any person

One can see the city from here.



aged 1

qui a un an
The baby will be one tomorrow.

of the same opinion etc

We are one in our love of freedom.

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