Übersetzung von “only” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adverbonly /ˈoʊnli/
not more than
seulement , ne ... que

It'll only take me fifteen minutes.
Ça ne prendra que quinze minutes.

I only have $200.
Je n'ai que 200 $.
nothing, nowhere, or no one else
uniquement , ne ... que

This area is for children only.
Cette zone est réservée aux enfants.

things that could only happen on TV
des choses qui ne pourraient arriver qu'à la télé
=just; no better, no worse, no more interesting, etc. than

I thought it was Dad, but it was only some guy that looked like him.
Je pensais que c'était Papa mais c'était juste un type qui lui ressemble.
=just; indicates sth happened recently
juste , venir de

He only left a few minutes ago.
Il vient de partir il y a quelques minutes.
only just
venir tout juste

I've only just found out what happened.
Nous venons juste de découvrir ce qui s'est passé.


adjectiveonly /ˈoʊnli/ (always before n)
not having any other things or people of the same kind
seul/seule , unique

Katie was the only friend she had.
Katie était la seule amie qu'elle ait.

The cellphone was her only way of communicating.
Le téléphone cellulaire était son seul moyen de communiquer.
the only thing is
spoken used to say that there may be a problem
le seul problème, c'est que

It's a great camera - the only thing is it's too small.
C'est un trés bon appareil photo ; le seul problème c'est qu'il est trop petit.


conjunctiononly /ˈoʊnli/
=except; indicates the statement just made is not completely true

Your coat is just like mine, only it's blue.
Ton manteau est juste comme le mien, seulement il est bleu.

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adjective /ˈəunli/

without any others of the same type

unique, seul
He has no brothers or sisters – he’s an only child
the only book of its kind.
only too


que trop
I’ll be only too pleased to come.




Only you can do it.

showing the one action done, in contrast to other possibilities

I only scolded the child – I did not smack him.

not longer ago than

pas plus tard que
I saw him only yesterday.

showing the one possible result of an action

If you do that, you’ll only make him angry.

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