Übersetzung von “open” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectiveopen /ˈoʊpən/
not closed

an open door
une porte ouverte

Her diary lay open on her desk.
Son agenda était posé ouvert sur son bureau.

Who left the paint can open?
Qui a laissé le pot de peinture ouvert ?
wide open
grand ouvert/-erte

The windows had been left wide open.
Les fenêtres avaient été laissées grand ouvertes.
≠closed; (of a store, business, etc.) available for business or to provide service

We are open seven days a week.
Nous sommes ouverts sept jours par semaine.

The pool won't be open until this afternoon.
La piscine ne sera pas ouverte avant cet après-midi.
≠closed; available for use

Because of heavy snow the road is unlikely to be open.
A cause de la neige abondante, il est peu probable que la route soit ouverte.
(of an area) having no buildings, trees, etc.

a large open space the kids play football on
un grand espace découvert sur lequel les enfants jouent au football
honest and willing to talk
ouvert/-erte , franc/franche

a friendly, open man
un homme ouvert, amical

It was not wise to be open about being divorced.
Il n'était pas judicieux d'être franc sur son divorce
willing to accept other opinions, ideas, etc.

I'm open to ideas about where to go.
Je suis ouvert aux idées sur l'endroit où aller.
keep an open mind
garder l'esprit ouvert

I always try to keep an open mind when it comes to my teenage children.
J'essaie toujours de garder l'esprit ouvert quand il s'agit de mes enfants adolescents.
able to be affected
ouvert/-erte , exposé/-ée

Many computer users leave themselves open to identity fraud.
De nombreux utilisateurs d'ordinateurs s'exposent à l'usurpation d'identité.

open to criticism/abuse/attack
ouvert à la critique / exposé aux insultes / à l'agression
(of feelings) obvious, not hidden
non dissimulé/-ée

an open and shocking hatred of his parents
une haine non dissimulée et choquante pour ses parents
(of a decision) not yet made
en suspens
leave sth open
laisser qqch en suspens

Leave that decision open until we have all the necessary information.
Laissez cette décision en suspens jusqu'à ce que nous ayons toutes les informations nécessaires.
≠closed; (of an event, place, etc.) available to anyone

an open meeting
une réunion ouverte au public

The castle ruins are open to the public.
Les ruines du château sont ouvertes au public.


verb transitive-intransitiveopen /ˈoʊpən/
≠close; to move or make move in order to be open

She knocked and then opened the door.
Elle frappa et ouvrit la porte.

Open your eyes and look at me.
Ouvre les yeux et regarde-moi.

The zipper on my bag keeps opening.
La fermeture éclair de mon sac reste ouverte.

Let's open another bottle of wine.
Ouvrons une autre bouteille de vin.
≠close; to start doing business or providing a service each day, or make sth start doing this

The pool opens at 10 a.m.
La piscine ouvre à 10h.
≠close; to start doing business for the first time, or make sth start doing this

A new gym is opening here next month.
Une nouvelle salle de gym ouvre ici le mois prochain.

They've opened several new branches recently.
Ils ont ouvert de nouvelles succursales récemment.
≠close; to start being available for use, or to make available

The new runway will open next month.
La nouvelle piste ouvrira le mois prochain.

They opened the new runway.
Ils ont ouvert la nouvelle piste.
open fire
to start shooting a weapon
ouvrir le feu

Without warning troops opened fire.
Les troupes ont ouvert le feu sans sommation.

open up

verb phrasalopen up /ˈoʊpən ˈʌp/
to open a door, window, etc.

We opened up all the windows.
Nous avons ouvert toutes les fenêtres.
to start a new business

We've opened up three new stores across the state.
Nous avons ouvert trois nouveaux magasins à travers l'état.
to make sth possible

A higher degree can open up many more career opportunities.
Un diplôme plus élevé peut offrir beaucoup plus d'opportunités de carrière.
to start to be willing to talk about sth private
s'ouvrir (à qqn) , se confier

He wouldn't talk at first, but he gradually opened up.
Au début il ne voulait pas parler mais progressivement, il s'est confié.


nounopen /ˈoʊpən/singular
the open
au grand air

I just had to get out in the open.
J'ai juste dû aller dehors au grand air.
(out) in the open
publicly known about, no longer secret
au grand jour

There'll be trouble once that information gets out in the open.
Il y aura des problèmes, une fois que cette information viendra au grand jour.

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adjective /ˈəupən/

not shut, allowing entry or exit

an open box
The gate is wide open.

allowing the inside to be seen

an open book.

ready for business etc

The shop is open on Sunday afternoons
After the fog had cleared, the airport was soon open again
The gardens are open to the public.

not kept secret

an open show of affection.


He was very open with me about his work.

still being considered etc

en suspens
Lrt’s leave the matter open for the time being.

empty, with no trees, buildings etc

ras, vague
I like to be out in the open country
an open space.
opener noun

something that opens (something)

a tin opener.
opening noun

a hole; a clear or open space

ouverture; brèche, clairière
an opening in the fence/forest.

a beginning

début; préliminaire
the opening of the film
(also adjective) the chairman’s opening remarks.

the act of becoming or making open, the ceremony of making open

ouverture, inauguration
the opening of a flower/shop/door
the opening of the new theatre.

an opportunity for work

There are good openings in the IT industry.
openly adverb


She talked very openly about it.
open-air adjective


en/de plein air
an open-air meeting.
open-minded adjective

willing to consider new ideas

à l’esprit ouvert
an open-minded approach to the problem.
open-plan adjective

(of a building) built with few walls inside

à aire ouverte
an open-plan office.
be an open secret

to be known to many people although supposed to be a secret

être le secret de Polichinelle
It’s an open secret that she’s getting married next week.
bring (something) out into the open

to make (something) public

porter sur la place publique, divulguer
This affair has been kept a secret for too long – it’s time it was brought out into the open.
in the open

outside; in the open air

au grand air
It’s very healthy for children to be able to play in the open.
in the open air

not in a building

en plein air
If it doesn’t rain, we’ll have the party in the open air.
keep/have an open mind

to have a willingness to listen to or accept new ideas, other people’s suggestions etc (eg before making a decision)

réserver son jugement
It doesn’t seem to be a very good plan, but I think we should keep an open mind about it for the time being.
open on to

(of a door etc) to open towards

donner sur
Our front door opens straight on to the street.
the open sea

any area of sea far from land

la haute mer
When they reached the open sea, they were faced with large waves.
open to

likely or willing to receive

accessible/ouvert à
He left himself open to charges of corruption
We are always open to suggestions from any member of staff.


There are only two courses of action open to us.
open up

to open (a shop etc)

I open up the shop at nine o’clock every morning.

to open (a box etc) completely

ouvrir, défaire
He opened up the parcel.

to open the (main) door of a building etc

‘Open up!’ shouted the policeman. ‘We know you are in there!’
with open arms

in a very friendly way

à/les bras ouverts
They received their visitors with open arms.



to begin

He opened the meeting with a speech of welcome.

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