Übersetzung von “order” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounorder /ˈɔrdər/
countable-uncountable the way things are arranged
ordre masculine

numerical/alphabetical order
ordre numérique/alphabétique

Put them in order from shortest to tallest.
Rangez-les dans l'ordre du plus petit au plus grand.
countable a request saying what you would like to buy
commande feminine

The waiter came to take their order.
Le serveur est venu prendre leur commande.

I put in an order for 10 new laptops.
J'ai passé une commande de 10 nouveaux ordinateurs portables.
uncountable when a situation is well organized
ordre masculine

How do you keep order with a class of more than 40 children?
Comment est-ce que tu maintiens l'ordre avec une classe de plus de 40 enfants ?
countable a statement that you are expected to obey
ordre masculine

The sergeant gave the order.
Le sergent a donné l'ordre.

soldiers following/obeying orders
des soldats suivant les / obéissant aux ordres
in order
correct according to rules or laws
en ordre

Everything seems to be in order.
Tout semblait être en ordre.
in order (for sb/sth) to
so that
afin de/que

He yelled and waved his arms in order to get her attention.
Il cria et agita les bras afin d'attirer son attention.

In order for us to operate, the patient must lose weight.
Afin que nous puissions opérer, le patient doit perdre du poids.
out of order
(of a machine) broken, not working
hors service

Out of order - do not use.
Hors service ; ne pas utiliser.
Brit informal (of sb's behavior) not acceptable
(of a machine) broken, not working
hors service

Out of order - do not use.
Hors service ; ne pas utiliser.
Brit informal (of sb's behavior) not acceptable


verborder /ˈɔrdər/
transitive to tell sb what they must do

The general ordered his men to retreat.
Le général a ordonné à ses hommes de battre en retraite.
transitive-intransitive to request that sth such as food or goods be brought or sent to you

We told the waitress we needed to order.
Nous avons dit à la serveuse que nous devions commander.

I ordered a new table for the dining room.
J'ai commandé une nouvelle table pour la salle à manger.
transitive to arrange sth in a particular order
ordonner , classer

We ordered the letters by date.
Nous avons classé les lettres par date.

order around

verb phrasalorder around [ ˈɔrdər əˈraʊnd ]
to tell sb what to do in an unkind or annoying way
donner des ordres

You can't order me around like that!
Tu ne peux pas me donner des ordres comme ça.

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noun /ˈoːdə/

a statement (by a person in authority) of what someone must do; a command

He gave me my orders.

an instruction to supply something

We received several orders from Germany for spare parts.

something supplied

Your order is nearly ready.

a tidy state

The house is in (good) order.

a system or method

I must have order in my life.

an arrangement (of people, things etc) in space, time etc

The book are arranged on the shelf in alphabetical order
I’ve listed the items to discuss in order of importance.

a peaceful condition

law and order.

a written instruction to pay money

a banker’s order.

a group, class, rank or position

This is a list of the various orders of plants
the social order.

a religious society, especially of monks

the Benedictine order.
orderly adjective

well-behaved; quiet

an orderly queue of people.
orderliness noun

(habitudes d’)ordre
order form noun

a form on which a customer’s order is written

bon de commande
Please fill in the order form and send to the address below.
in order

correct according to what is regularly done, especially in meetings etc

dans les règles
It is quite in order to end the meeting now.

in a good efficient state

en ordre
Everything is in order for the party.
in order (that)

so that

pour/afin que
He checked all his figures again in order that the report might be as accurate as possible.
in order to

for the purpose of

pour/afin de
I went home in order to change my clothes.
made to order

made when and how a customer wishes

fait sur commande
curtains made to order.
on order

having been ordered but not yet supplied

We don’t have any copies of this book at the moment, but it’s on order.
order about

to keep on giving orders (to someone)

I’m tired of him ordering me about all the time.
out of order

not working (properly)

The coffee machine is out of order.

not correct according to what is regularly done, especially in meetings etc

contraire aux règles
He was out of order in saying that.
a tall order

a difficult job or task

Asking us to finish this by Friday is a bit of a tall order.



to give an instruction to supply

I have ordered some new furniture from the shop
He ordered a steak.

to put in order

Should we order these alphabetically?


noun (plural orderlies)

a soldier who carries an officer’s orders and messages.


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