Übersetzung von “origin” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countable-uncountableorigin /ˈɔrɪdʒɪn, ˈɒr-/
the source or cause of sth
origine feminine

What is the origin of this word?
Quelle est l'origine du monde ?
sb's race or family background
origine feminine

He's of Eastern European origin.
Il est originaire de l'Europe de l'est.

sb's ethnic origin
l'origine ethnique de qqn

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noun /ˈoridʒin/

the place or point from which anything first comes; the cause

the origin(s) of the English language
the origin of the disagreement.
original /əˈri-/ adjective

existing at the beginning; first

This part of the house is new, but the rest is original.

(able to produce ideas which are) new, fresh or not thought of before

original ideas
He has a very original mind.

(of a painting etc) by the artist etc, from which copies may be made

The original painting is in the museum, but there are hundreds of copies.
originality /əridʒiˈnӕ-/ noun

His writing shows originality.
originally adverb

à l’origine
originate /əˈridʒineit/ verb

to bring or come into being

donner naissance à, prendre naissance
That style of painting originated in China.
origins noun plural

a person’s place of birth, family background etc

He tried to hide his humble origins.



a model from which a painting etc is made

She is the original of the famous portrait.

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