Übersetzung von “other” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectiveother /ˈʌðər/
added to those already mentioned

Kimberly, Ross, and a few other friends
Kimberly, Ross et quelques autres amis

Do you have any other pictures?
Aviez-vous d'autres photos ?
second, in addition to one already mentioned

Use this one and the other one I showed you.
Utilise celui-ci et l'autre que je t'ai montré.

My other bike is being fixed.
Mon autre vélo est en réparation.
being the remaining ones in a group

Where are all the other winter clothes?
Où sont tous les autres vêtements d'hiver ?
indicates a place, direction, etc. that is opposite to the speaker

We saw a truck coming the other way.
Nous avons vu un camion arrivant de l'autre côté.

the other side of the street
l'autre côté de la rue
in other words
indicates you are saying sth in a different way
autrement dit

I can't tell you anything else. In other words, please don't ask me.
Je ne peux rien vous dire d'autre. Autrement dit, veuillez ne rien me demander.
the other day/night
on a day/night not too long ago
l'autre jour/soir

I saw her the other day at the store.
Je l'ai vue l'autre jour au magasin.
other than
except for
à part

She hasn't made too many friends, other than Tom.
Elle ne s'est pas fait beaucoup d'amis, à part Tom.
something/someone/somewhere etc. or other
indicates an unspecified thing, person, place, etc.
je ne sais quoi/qui/où etc.

They're all competing to be the best something or other in the world.
Ils rivalisent tous pour être je ne sais quoi de mieux au monde.


pronoun [ ]

These people and many others were hurt.
Ces personnes et beaucoup d'autres ont été blessées.

Here's one sock. Where's the other?
Voici une chaussette. Où est l'autre ?

a movie that is better than all his others
un film qui est mieux que tous ses autres

He was running one way, and I was running the other.
Il courait dans un sens et moi dans l'autre.

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adjective, pronoun the second of two

I have lost my other glove
I’ve got one of my gloves, but I can’t find the other (one).

adjective, pronoun those people, things etc not mentioned, present etc; additional

Some of them have arrived – where are the others?
The baby is here and the other children are at school.

adjective (with day, weeketc) recently past

I saw him just the other day/morning.
otherwise adverb

in every other way except this

She has a big nose, but otherwise she is very good-looking.

doing, thinking etc something else

à autre chose
I am otherwise engaged this evening.
no/none other than

the very same person as

nul autre que
The man who had sent the flowers was none other than the man she had spoken to the night before.
other than


autrement que
There was no-one there other than an old woman.
somehow or other

in some way or by some means not known or decided

d’une manière ou d’une autre
I’ll finish this job on time somehow or other.
someone/something or other

a person or thing that is not known

quelqu’un/quelque chose
Someone or other broke that window.
somewhere or other

in one place if not in another; in some place not known or decided

quelque part
He must have hidden it somewhere or other.

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