Übersetzung von “out” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adverbout /aʊt/
≠in; from inside to a place not inside
hors de

She got up and walked out.
Elle s'est levée et est sortie.

One of the marbles fell out.
Une des billes est tombée.
≠in; not inside a building

It's really warm out.
Il fait vraiment chaud dehors.
far away, especially to the west or east
au loin

She moved out to Arizona.
Elle a déménagé en Arizona.

a mountain range way out to the west
une chaîne de montagne à l'ouest
≠in; away from home or work

I'm going out tonight.
Je sors ce soir.
take sb out
to take sb to a restaurant, bar, etc.
emmener qqn (déjeuner/dîner)

They took her out for a farewell dinner.
Ils l'ont emmenée à un dîner d'adieu.
available to buy or obtain

Her new book comes out next week.
Son nouveau livre sort la semaine prochaine.
not in a bad situation anymore
qui s'en est sorti/-ie

women in abusive relationships who want to get out
des femmes subissant des relations de maltraitance qui veulent s'en sortir
not burning anymore

to put a fire out
éteindre un incendie
at an end

What time does class get out?
A quelle heure le cours se termine t-il ?
(of the sun, moon, or stars) seen in the sky
apparent/-ente , levé/-ée

The sun's coming out!
Le soleil se lève.
≠in; (of the tide) toward its lowest level

The tide is going out.
La marée devient basse.
; see also out of


adjectiveout [ aʊt ] (not before n)
≠in; away from home or work

I'll be out for a few hours.
Je serai absent pendant quelques heures.
out sick
not at work because of illness
en arrêt maladie

He was out sick for two days.
Il a été en arrêt maladie pendant deux jours.
≠in; not inside a building

Is the dog out?
Est-ce que le chien est sorti ?
available to buy or obtain

Her new book is out.
Son nouveau livre est sorti.
≠in; no longer in a competition

Both teams were out after the second round.
Les deux équipes étaient éliminées avant la deuxième partie.
≠in; not possible, acceptable, or allowed
hors de question

We don't have enough money, so that option's out.
Nous n'avons pas assez d'argent, aussi cette possibilité est hors de question.
at an end

School is out for the summer.
L'école est terminée pour l'été.
(of the sun, moon, or stars) able to be seen in the sky
apparent/-ente , levé/-ée

The stars are all out.
Les étoiles sont toutes apparentes.
not burning anymore

The fire is out.
L'incendie est éteint.
≠in; not fashionable

Long skirts were out for a long time.
Les jupes longues ont été longtemps démodées.
having told others about being gay or lesbian
qui a fait son coming out , qui a révélé son homosexualité

He wasn't out yet.
Il n'avait pas encore fait son coming out.
≠in; (of the tide) toward its lowest level

The tide is out.
La marée est basse.
having flowers
en fleurs

The roses are finally out.
Les rosiers sont enfin en fleurs.
; see also out of


verb transitiveout [ aʊt ]
to make people aware that sb is homosexual
révéler l'homosexualité de qqn

He was outed at work.
On a révélé son homosexualité au travail.

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adverb, adjective not in a building etc; from inside a building etc; in(to) the open air

The children are out in the garden
They went out for a walk.

adverb from inside (something)

He opened the desk and took out a pencil.

adverb, adjective away from home, an office etc

dehors, sorti
We had an evening out
The manager is out.

adverb, adjective far away

au large; en route vers
The ship was out at sea
He went out to India.

adverb loudly and clearly

fort, tout haut
He shouted out the answer.

adverb completely

She was tired out.

adverb, adjective not correct

My calculations seem to be out.

adverb, adjective free, known, available etc

He let the cat out
The secret is out.

adverb, adjective (in games) having been defeated

The batsman was (caught) out.

adverb, adjective on strike

en grève
The men came out in protest.

adverb, adjective no longer in fashion

Long hair is definitely out.

adverb, adjective (of the tide) with the water at or going to its lowest level

The tide is (going) out.

adjective unacceptable

That suggestion is definitely out.
outer adjective

outside; far from (the centre of) something

outer space.
outermost adjective

nearest the edge, outside etc

le plus à l’extérieur
the outermost ring on the target.
outing noun

a usually short trip, made for pleasure

sortie, randonnée
an outing to the seaside.
outward adjective

on or towards the outside; able to be seen

(vers l’)extérieur
Judging by his outward appearance, he’s not very rich
no outward sign of unhappiness.

(of a journey) away from

The outward journey will be by sea, but they will return home by air.
outwardly adverb

in appearance

en apparence
Outwardly he is cheerful, but he is really a very unhappy person.
outwards adverb

towards the outside edge or surface

vers l’extérieur
Moving outwards from the centre of the painting, we see that the figures become smaller.
out-and-out adjective

very bad

an out-and-out liar.
out-of-pocket adjective

paid in cash; paid out of your own pocket

petits frais, débours
out-of-pocket expenses.
be out of pocket

to have no money; to lose money

en être de sa poche
I can’t pay you now as I’m out of pocket at the moment.
out of sight

no longer visible; where you cannot see something or be seen

hors de vue
They watched the ship sailing until it was out of sight
Put it out of sight.

an old expression meaning wonderful, fantastic

The show was out of sight.
out of sight ( out of mind)

an expression describing a situation in which someone is forgotten when he/she is not around

loin des yeux loin du cœur
They used to be close friends, but since he left it has become a case of out of sight, out of mind.
out-of-the-way adjective

difficult to reach or arrive at

an out-of-the-way place.
be out for

to be wanting or intending to get

vouloir, chercher
She is out for revenge.
be out to

to be determined to

être résolu à
He is out to win the race.
out of

from inside

hors de
He took it out of the bag.

not in

hors de
Mr Stevens is out of the office
out of danger
out of sight.

from among

Four out of five people like this song.

having none left

She is quite out of breath.

because of

He did it out of curiosity/spite.


à même qqch.
He drank the lemonade straight out of the bottle.
out of doors


au grand air
We like to eat out of doors in summer.
out of it

not part of a group, activity etc

en marge, de trop
I felt a bit out of it at the party.

no longer involved in something

plus dans le coup
That was a crazy scheme – I’m glad to be out of it.
out of the way


There was nothing out of the way about what she said.


indicating outward movement, as in outburst.


indicating that the action goes further or beyond a normal action, as in outshine.

dehors, sorti

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