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adverbover /ˈoʊvər/
down, away from a position that is straight up
par terre

I knocked the chair over.
J'ai fait tomber la chaise.

The glass tipped over.
Le verre s'est renversé.
from one side to another
de part en part

a ferry crossing over to the opposite bank
un ferry traversant de part en part jusqu'à la rive opposée
≠under; in a position above

A plane flew over.
Un avion est passé au-dessus.
so that the opposite side is facing up
sens dessus-dessous

He flipped the pancakes over.
Il a fait sauter les crêpes.
in or to a place that sb is or lives
ici ,

She came over to where we were standing.
Elle est venue là où nous nous tenions.

I'd like to invite him over for dinner.
J'aimerais l'inviter pour le dîner.
to or toward one side
du côté de

Look over toward the trees.
Regarde du côté des arbres.
ended or finished

I'm glad that time in my life is over.
Je suis content que cette période de ma vie soit terminée.
in a way that is completely covered
sur toute la surface

The pond had frozen over.
La mare était gelée sur toute sa surface.
and over
including the numbers or ages above the one mentioned
et plus

children aged 3 and over
des enfants de 3 ans et plus
(all) over again
emphasizes that sth happens or is done again
à nouveau

We had to start all over again.
Nous avons dû recommencer.
over and over (again)
indicates that sth happens repeatedly
encore et encore

She kept saying, "I didn't do it!" over and over again.
Elle continuait à dire "Je ne l'ai pas fait." encore et encore.


prepositionover /ˈoʊvər/
≠under; in or to a position above

The balloon floated over the house.
Le ballon flottait au-dessus de la maison.

He leaned over the sink.
Il s'est penché au-dessus de l'évier.
covering sth or sb

She pulled the blanket over her head.
Elle a tiré la couverture au-dessus de sa tête.
all over
covering all or most of
partout sur

There was water all over the floor.
Il y avait de l'eau partout sur le sol.
from one side to another
d'un bout à l'autre

planes flying over the Pacific
des avions survolant le Pacifique
more than
plus de/que

There were over 4,000 people there.
Il y avait là plus de 4 000 personnes.
regarding or about

two groups in an argument over land rights
deux groupes en discussion concernant les droits du sol

concern over the safety of the children
l'inquiétude concernant la sécurité des enfants
during a time

Over the next few months, he seemed to change.
Durant les quelques mois suivants, il a semblé changer.
from, in, or to many parts
à (l'ensemble de) , sur (l'ensemble de)

as the frost spread over the windows
comme le givre s'étendait aux fenêtres

water all over the floor
l'eau sur l'ensemble du sol
not affected by sth anymore
au-dessus de

It took a while, but I'm over it now.
Ça a pris un moment mais je m'en suis sortie maintenant.

She's trying to get over the breakup of the relationship.
Elle essaie de prendre le dessus sur la rupture de leur relation.
down from the edge of
par dessus

She looked over the rocks to the water below.
Elle regardait l'eau en contrebas par dessus les rochers.


prefixover- /ˈoʊvər-/
more than normal or too much

an over-excited crowd
une foule surexcitée

The engine overheated.
Le moteur était en surchauffe.

overpopulated cities
des villes surpeuplées

Don't oversimplify the issue.
Ne simplifie pas à l'excès la question.

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preposition /ˈəuvə/

higher than; above in position, number, authority etc

au-dessus de, par-dessus, plus de
Hang that picture over the fireplace
He’s over 90 years old.

from one side to another, on or above the top of; on the other side of

sur, par-dessus, de l’autre côté
He jumped over the gate
She fell over the cat
My friend lives over the street.


He put his handkerchief over his face.


You find people like him all over the world.


à propos de
a quarrel over money.

by means of

He spoke to her over the telephone.


au cours de
Over the years, she grew to hate her husband.

while having etc

He fell asleep over his dinner.
over again

once more

encore (une fois)
Play the tune over again.
over and done with

finished; no longer important

fini et bien fini
He has behaved very wickedly in the past, but that’s all over and done with now.
to speak over twenty (not twenty over) languages.



used to show movement, change of position

He rolled over on his back
He turned over the page.


aller vers
He went over and spoke to them.


He fell over.

higher in number etc

The film is suitable for people aged eighteen and over.


il reste
There are two cakes for each of us, and two over.

through from beginning to end, carefully

lire en entier, discuter (de)
Read it over
Talk it over between you.


in a higher position, as in overhead.

dépasser, se surpasser

covering, as in overcoat.


down from an upright position, as in overturn.

mettre à bas, renverser

completely, as in overcome.

triompher de

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