Die Übersetzung von "pace" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


noun /peis/

a step

He took a pace forward.

speed of movement

a fast pace.
pacemaker noun

an electronic device to make the heart beats regular or stronger

stimulateur cardiaque
He wears a heart pacemaker.

a person who sets the speed of a race.

meneur/-euse de train
keep pace with

to go as fast as

aller à la même allure que
He kept pace with the car on his motorbike.
pace out

to measure by walking along, across etc with even steps

mesurer (une distance) au pas
She paced out the room.
put someone etc through his etc paces

to make someone etc show what he etc can do

mettre qqn à l’épreuve
He put his new car through its paces.
set the pace

to go forward at a particular speed which everyone else has to follow

régler l’allure
Her experiments set the pace for future research.
show one’s paces

to show what one can do

donner sa mesure
They made the horse show its paces.

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