Übersetzung von “pack” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbpack /pæk/
transitive-intransitive ( pack up,) to put clothes in suitcases, or possessions in boxes in order to travel
faire ses bagages , emballer

She packed up everything she owned and left.
Elle emballa tout ce qu'elle possédait et partit.

I'm packing for my trip tomorrow.
Je fais mes bagages pour mon voyage de demain.
transitive to fill a place completely

The singer's fans packed the stadium.
Les fans du chanteur remplissaient le stade.

a bus packed with screaming kids
un bus rempli d'enfants qui crient
transitive to put a product into its container to be sold

tuna packed in oil
thon à l'huile

a meat packing plant
une usine de conditionnement de viande
transitive to press a mass of sth tightly into a small space
tasser , bourrer de

Pack the brown sugar into the cup.
Tassez le sucre brun dans la tasse.

She packed the snow to make a snowball.
Elle tassa la neige pour faire une boule de neige.


noun countablepack /pæk/
a number of the same product sold as a unit
paquet masculine , pack masculine

a pack of cigarettes
un paquet de cigarettes

There are eighteen in each pack.
Il y en a dix-huit dans chaque paquet.

a pack of eighteen
un pack de dix-huit
six-pack/four-pack etc.
a product containing six/four etc. of the same item
pack de six / pack de quatre etc.

two six-packs of soda/beer
deux packs de six sodas/bières
countable a backpack
sac masculine à dos

campers loading up their packs
des campeurs chargeant leurs sacs à dos
a group of animals of the same type that live together
meute feminine

a pack of wolves
une meute de loups
a group of people of the same type, who you disapprove of
bande feminine

a pack of liars/idiots
une bande de menteurs / d'idiots
lead the pack
to be performing better than others doing similar things
tenir le haut du pavé

Which state is leading the pack in wind technology?
Quel état tient le haut du pavé en technologie aérodynamique ?

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noun /pӕk/

things tied up together or put in a container, especially to be carried on one’s back

paquet, sac
He carried his luggage in a pack on his back.

a set of (fifty-two) playing-cards

jeu (de cartes)
a pack of cards.

a number or group of certain animals

a pack of wolves.

a packet

a pack of cigarettes.
packing noun

the act of putting things in bags, cases etc

He has done his packing tonight as he is leaving in the morning.

the materials (paper, string etc) used to wrap things for posting etc

He unwrapped the vase and threw away the packing.
packing case noun

a (large) wooden box in which goods are packed and sent from place to place

caisse d’emballage
All ehe packing cases were loaded onto the removals van.
packed (out)

containing as many people as possible

The concerrt hall/meeting was packed (out).
pack off

to send away, usually quickly and without wasting time

They packed the children off to bed early.
pack up

to put into containers in order to take somewhere else

She packed up the contents of her house.

to stop working or operating

tomber en panne
We’d only gone five miles when the engine packed up.



to come together in large numbers in a small space

They packed into the hall to hear his speech.

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