Übersetzung von “pain” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounpain /peɪn/
countable-uncountable physical discomfort
douleur feminine , mal masculine

back/stomach pain
mal de/au dos / à l'estomac

I have a sharp pain in my right arm.
J'ai une douleur aiguë dans le bras droit.

Are you in pain?
Avez-vous mal ? / Souffrez-vous ?
uncountable emotional suffering
douleur feminine , souffrance feminine

the pain of losing a child
la douleur de perdre un enfant

I didn't mean to cause anyone any pain.
Je n'avais pas l'intention de faire souffrir qui que ce soit.
a pain in the neck/butt
informal sth that is annoying or difficult
nuisance feminine

The long drive was a real pain in the neck.
Ce long trajet était une véritable nuisance.
go to/take great pains to
to make a big effort to
se donner beaucoup de mal pour

I took great pains to explain everything to him.
Je me suis donné beaucoup de mal pour tout lui expliquer.

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noun /pein/

hurt or suffering of the body or mind

a pain in the chest.
pained adjective

showing or expressing pain

She had a pained expression on her face.
painful adjective

causing pain

a painful injury.
painfully adverb

painless adjective

without pain

a painless injection.
painlessly adverb

sans douleur
painkiller noun

a drug etc which lessens or removes pain

The docter prescribed her some painkillers.
painstaking /ˈpeinz-/ adjective

going to great trouble and taking great care

a painstaking student.
a pain in the neck

a person who is constantly annoying

People who are always complaining are a pain in the neck.
take pains

to take great trouble and care (to do something)

se donner du mal pour
He took great pains to make sure we enjoyed ourselves.

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