Übersetzung von “pair” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablepair /pɛər/
two things that are the same and are used together
paire feminine

a pair of socks/shoes/gloves
une paire de chaussettes/chaussures/gants
sth that has two parts that are the same
paire feminine

a pair of sunglasses/shorts/scissors
une paire de lunettes / un short / une paire de ciseaux


verb phrasalpair: pair up /pɛər/
to make a pair, or to put two people or things together as a pair

For the final task you'll need to pair up with someone.
Pour le dernier devoir vous allez devoir vous mettre avec quelqu'un.

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noun /peə/

a set of two of the same thing which are (intended to be) used etc together

a pair of shoes/gloves.

a single thing made up of two parts

a pair of scissors
a pair of pants.

two people, animals etc, often one of either sex, who are thought of together for some reason

a pair of giant pandas
John and James are the guilty pair.
pair is singular: That pair of trousers needs mending ; There is a pair of gloves on the table.

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