Übersetzung von “paper” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounpaper /ˈpeɪpər/
uncountable a very thin flat material for writing on
papier masculine

a piece/sheet of paper
un morceau / une feuille de papier

colored/lined/plain paper
papier de couleur / ligné / libre
countable a newspaper
journal masculine

I read the paper every morning.
Je lis le journal chaque matin.
countable an essay on a particular subject
devoir masculine , article masculine

I have to turn my paper in next Friday.
Je dois rendre mon devoir pour vendredi prochain.

a paper on 20th century poetry
un article sur la poésie du 20ème siècle
papers plural
official documents
papiers masculine plural

Are all your papers in order?
Vos papiers sont-ils tous en règle ?
countable Brit a written examination
épreuve feminine écrite

the history paper
l'interrogation écrite d'histoire
on paper
written down
sur (le) papier

I need to see the information on paper.
Il faut que je voie ces informations sur papier.
written down
sur (le) papier

I need to see the information on paper.
Il faut que je voie ces informations sur papier.


adjectivepaper /ˈpeɪpər/
made of paper
en papier

a paper napkin
une nappe en papier

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noun /ˈpeipə/

the material on which these words are written, made from wood, rags etc and used for writing, printing, wrapping parcels etc

(en/de) papier
I need paper and a pen to write a letter
(also adjective) a paper bag.

a single (often printed or typed) piece of this

(feuille de) papier
There were papers all over his desk.

a newspaper

Have you read the paper?

a group of questions for a written examination

The Latin paper was very difficult.

(in plural ) documents proving one’s identity, nationality etc

papiers (d’identité)
The policeman demanded my papers.
papery adjective

like paper

mince comme le papier
papery leaves.
paperback noun

a book with a paper cover.

livre de poche
paperclip noun

a small, usually metal clip for holding papers together

She attached her note to the papers with a paperclip.
paper knife noun

a knife used for opening envelopes etc.

paper sculpture

the art of modelling with folded paper.

paperweight noun

a small, heavy object which can be put on top of pieces of paper to keep them in place, also used as an ornament.

paperwork noun

the part of a job which consists of keeping files, writing letters etc

travail de bureau
I spend most of my time on paperwork.

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