Übersetzung von “parachute” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableparachute /ˈpærəˌʃut/
a piece of cloth with long cords, used by sb jumping from an aircraft to float down
parachute masculine

His parachute failed to open.
Son parachute n'a pas réussi à s'ouvrir.


verb intransitive
(se faire) parachuter

soldiers parachuting into the area
des soldats se faisant parachuter dans le secteur

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noun /ˈpӕrəʃuːt/

an umbrella-shaped piece of light, strong cloth etc beneath which a person etc is tied with ropes so that he etc can come slowly down to the ground from a great height

(en) parachute
They made the descent from the plane by parachute
(also adjective) a parachute-jump.
parachutist noun

a person who uses a parachute.


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