Übersetzung von “particular” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectiveparticular /pərˈtɪkyələr, pəˈtɪk-/
=specific; (always before n) used to talk about one thing and not others

Do you have a particular reason for not wanting to go?
Avez-vous une raison particulière de ne pas vouloir venir ?
=special; (always before n) more than usual
particulier/-ière , spécial/-ale

Please pay particular attention to the last paragraph.
Veuillez porter une attention particulière au dernier paragraphe.
having precise ideas about what you like or do not like

He's very particular about his clothes.
Il est très exigeant en ce qui concerne ses vêtements.


nounparticular /pərˈtɪkyələr, pəˈtɪk-/
in particular
en particulier

Is there something in particular you don't like about the painting?
Y a-t-il quelque chose en particulier que vous n'aimez pas dans ce tableau ?

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adjective /pəˈtikjulə/

of a single definite person, thing etc thought of separately from all others

this particular man/problem.

more than ordinary

Please take particular care of this letter.

difficult to please

He is very particular about his food.
particularly adverb

more than usually

He was particularly pleased to see his brother.
particulars noun plural

facts or details

You must give them all the particulars about the accident.
in particular

more than others

en particulier
I liked this book in particular.

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