Übersetzung von “partner” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablepartner /ˈpɑrtnər/
sb who lives and has a sexual relationship with another person
compagnon/compagne masculine-feminine

I've never met his partner.
Je n'ai jamais rencontré sa compagne.
sb who does a particular activity with another person
partenaire masculine-feminine , coéquipier/-ière masculine-feminine

She's my running/dance partner.
Elle est ma coéquipière à la course / cavalière.
one of several people who own a business together
partenaire masculine-feminine , associé/-ée masculine-feminine

a business partner
un associé / partenaire d'affaires

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noun /ˈpaːtnə/

a person who shares the ownership of a business etc with one or more others

She was made a partner in the firm.

one of two people who dance, play in a game etc together

partenaire; cavalier/-ière
a tennis/dancing partner.
partnership noun

the state of being or becoming partners

a business partnership
He entered into partnership with his brother.

people playing together in a game

The champions were defeated by the partnership of Rutherford and Carragher in the men’s doubles.

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