Übersetzung von “party” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableparty /ˈpɑrti/ ( plural parties )
a fun event organized to celebrate
fête feminine , soirée feminine , réception feminine

Are you having a party for your birthday?
Fais-tu une fête pour ton anniversaire ?

They threw a surprise party for him.
Ils ont organisé une fête surprise pour lui.
birthday party
fête feminine d'anniversaire

She invited all her friends to her birthday party.
Elle a invité tous ses amis à sa fête d'anniversaire.
an organized group of people with similar beliefs who work together to try to get elected to government
parti masculine

There are three main political parties.
Il y a trois principaux partis politiques.
a group of people doing sth together
groupe masculine

There's a party of 15 coming to tour the building.
Il y a un groupe de 15 qui vient visiter le bâtiment.
formal sb who is involved in and affected by a situation
partie feminine

All parties have to agree before any action is taken.
Toutes les parties doivent être d'accord avant qu'une quelconque action soit entreprise.


verb intransitiveparty /ˈpɑrti/ ( parties, partied ) informal
to celebrate by having a party
faire la fête

They partied late into the night.
Ils ont fait la fête tard dans la nuit.

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noun /ˈpaːti/ (plural parties)

a meeting of guests for entertainment, celebration etc

fête (de)
a birthday party
She’s giving/having a party tonight
(also adjective) a party dress.

a group of people with a particular purpose

a party of tourists.

a group of people with the same ideas and purposes, especially political

a political party.

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