Übersetzung von “patch” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablepatch /pætʃ/
a part of a surface that is different from the area around it
plaque feminine

dangerous icy patches on the road
de dangereuses plaques verglacées sur la route

a patch of dry skin
une plaque de peau sèche
a piece of material sewn over a tear in a piece of clothing
pièce feminine

a patch on her jeans
une pièce à son jean
an object worn over one eye for protection
bandeau masculine

an eye patch
un bandeau sur l'œil
software used on a computer to improve its performance
correction feminine

to download a patch
télécharger un programme de correction
a bad/rough/difficult etc. patch
Brit a period of time with problems
une mauvaise passe

a rough patch in their marriage
une mauvaise passe dans leur mariage


verb transitivepatch /pætʃ/
to sew a patch onto a tear in a piece of clothing

patch up

verb phrasalpatch up [ ˈpætʃ ˈʌp ]
to become friends again after arguing
informal se raccommoder , se réconcilier

You'll find some way to patch things up.
Vous trouverez bien un moyen de vous raccommoder / réconcilier.
to quickly repair
informal rafistoler

workers patching up the holes in the streets
des ouvriers rafistolant les trous dans les rues

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noun /pӕtʃ/

a piece of material sewn on to cover a hole

She sewed a patch on the knee of her jeans.

a small piece of ground

a vegetable patch.
patchy adjective

not all the same; varying in quality

patchy work.
patchiness noun

manque d’unité
patchwork noun

cloth made by sewing small pieces of material together

(en) patchwork
a skirt made of patchwork
(also adjective) a patchwork quilt.
patch up

to mend, especially quickly and temporarily

He patched up the roof with bits of wood.

to settle (a quarrel)

se raccommoder
They soon patched up their disagreement.

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