Übersetzung von “path” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablepath /pæθ, pɑθ/
an area for walking on that leads from one place to another
chemin masculine

a path that goes around the lake
un chemin qui fait le tour du lac

Is this the path to the river?
Est-ce que c'est le chemin qui mène au fleuve ?
the direction sth or sb is moving in
passage masculine

The tornado destroyed everything in its path.
La tornade détruisit tout sur son passage.

a small boat in the path of the oil tanker
un petit bateau dans le sillage du pétrolier
the things sb does to achieve sth or that happen to sb in their life
chemin masculine , trajectoire feminine

his path to power
sa trajectoire vers le pouvoir

to take/choose a path in life
emprunter/choisir un chemin de vie

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noun /paːθ/ (plural paths /paːðz/)

a way made across the ground by the passing of people or animals

There is a path through the fields
a mountain path.

(any place on) the line along which someone or something is moving

She stood right in the path of the bus.
pathway noun

a path

The pathway led down to the beach.

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