Übersetzung von “patrol” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitive-intransitivepatrol /pəˈtroʊl/ ( patrolling, patrolled )
to go around checking an area at regular intervals
patrouiller dans

Police patrolled the center of town.
Les policiers patrouillaient dans le centre de la ville.


noun countable-uncountablepatrol /pəˈtroʊl/
a group that patrols an area, or the act of patrolling an area
patrouille feminine

patrol cars
des voitures de patrouille

a police patrol
une patrouille de police
on patrol
de/en patrouille

soldiers on patrol during the night
des soldats de/en patrouille durant la nuit

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verb /pəˈtrəul/ (past tense, past participle patrolled)

to watch or protect (an area) by moving continually around or through it

Soldiers patrolled the streets.



the act of watching or guarding by patrolling

(de) patrouille
The soldiers went out on patrol
(also adjective) patrol duty.

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