Übersetzung von “patron” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablepatron /ˈpeɪtrən/
formal a customer at a restaurant, hotel, etc.
client/-ente masculine-feminine

We request that patrons return their library books on time.
Nous demandons que les emprunteurs rendent leurs livres de bibliothèque dans les temps.

a patron of the hotel
un client de l'hôtel
sb who gives financial support to an artist, writer, etc.
protecteur/-trice masculine-feminine

a patron of the arts
un protecteur des arts

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noun /ˈpeitrən/

a person who supports (often with money) an artist, musician, writer, form of art etc

He’s a patron of the arts.

a (regular) customer of a shop etc

The manager said that he knew all his patrons.
patronage /ˈpӕtrənidʒ, (American) ˈpei-/ noun

the support given by a patron

His career began under the patronage of Thomas Cromwell.
patronize /ˈpӕ-, (American) ˈpei-/ verb ( patronise)

to behave towards (someone) in a way which is kind and friendly but which nevertheless shows that one thinks oneself to be more important, clever etc than that person

traiter avec condescendance
He’s a nice fellow, but he does patronize his assistants.

to visit (a shop, theatre, society etc) regularly

That’s not a shop I patronize nowadays.
patronizing adjective ( patronising)

patronizingly adverb ( patronisingly)

d’un air condescendant
patron saint

a saint who protects a particular person, group of people, country etc

saint patron, sainte patronne
St Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland.

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