Übersetzung von “pay” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun uncountablepay /peɪ/
money you are given for working
paie feminine , paye feminine , salaire masculine

low pay
bas salaire

a pay increase/cut
une augmentation/réduction de salaire


verbpay /peɪ/ ( pt pp paid )
transitive-intransitive to give money when you buy sth

I'll pay this time.
Je vais payer cette fois.

Do you have to pay for your own books?
Est-ce qu'on doit payer pour ses propres livres ?

I can't afford to pay my electricity bill.
Je n'ai pas les moyens de payer ma facture d'électricité.

Can I pay by credit card?
Puis-je payer par carte de crédit ?

to pay in cash/dollars/euros etc.
payer en liquide/dollars/euros etc.
pay your way
to pay for everything you need yourself
payer sa part

He managed to pay his way through college.
Il a réussi à se payer l'université.
transitive-intransitive to give sb money for working
payer , rémunérer

The company pays well.
L'entreprise paye bien.

Have you been paid for last month yet?
As-tu déjà été payé pour le mois dernier ?

I'm paid $30/hour.
Je suis payé 30 $ de l'heure.
intransitive to give an advantage

It pays to eat a balanced diet.
Ça paye de manger selon un régime équilibré.
pay attention
to listen and watch carefully
faire/prêter attention

Marina, please pay attention.
Marina, s'il-te-plaît, fais attention.

He wasn't paying attention to what I said.
Il ne prêtait pas attention à ce que je disais.
pay sb a compliment
to say sth kind about sb
faire un compliment à qqn

Mr. Henry paid her a compliment on her piano playing.
M. Henry lui fit un compliment sur son jeu au piano.
pay sb a visit/pay a visit to sb
to visit sb
rendre visite à qqn

I'm planning to pay Judy a visit while I'm in town.
Je projette de rendre visite à Judy pendant que je suis en ville.
pay your respects to
formal to visit or send a greeting to
présenter ses respects à

Be sure to pay my respects to your parents.
Présente bien mes respects à tes parents.

pay back

verb phrasalpay back [ ˈpeɪ ˈbæk ]
to give back the money sb lent you

If you lend me $30, I promise I'll pay you back tomorrow.
Si tu me prêtes 30 $, je promets de te les rembourser demain.
to take revenge

He vowed that one day he would pay her back for what she had done.
Il jura qu'un jour il lui revaudrait ce qu'elle lui avait fait.

pay down

verb phrasalpay down [ ˈpeɪ ˈdaʊn ]
to pay money that you owe

Here are some easy ways to pay down debt.
Voici quelques moyens aisés de rembourser sa dette.

pay for

verb phrasalpay for [ ˈpeɪ ˌfɔr ]
to have sth bad happen to you as a result of doing sth

I sat outside without sun block, and I'm paying for it now.
Je me suis assis dehors sans écran total et maintenant je paye pour ça.

pay in

verbpay in [ ˈpeɪ ˈɪn ] Brit
see deposit

pay off

verb phrasalpay off [ ˈpeɪ ˈɔf, ˈɒf ]
to finish making the payments for a loan

Next year we will have paid off our mortgage.
L'année prochaine nous aurons remboursé notre emprunt immobilier.
to have a good result
être payant

If you're patient it will pay off.
Si tu es patient, ce sera payant.

pay out

verb phrasalpay out [ ˈpeɪ ˈaʊt ]
to pay a lot of money

They paid out thousands of dollars in compensation.
Ils ont déboursé des milliers de dollars en dédommagement.

pay up

verb phrasalpay up [ ˈpeɪ ˈʌp ]
informal to pay money you owe

If he doesn't pay up he'll lose the house.
S'il ne rembourse pas, il perdra la maison.

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verb /pei/ (past tense, past participle paid)

to give (money) to (someone) in exchange for goods, services etc

He paid $5 for the book.

to return (money that is owed)

It’s time you paid your debts.

to suffer punishment (for)

You’ll pay for that remark!

to be useful or profitable (to)

Crime doesn’t pay.

to give (attention, homage, respect etc)

faire, présenter
Pay attention!
We came here to pay our respects to the people who died.
payable adjective

which may be or must be paid

The account is payable at the end of the month.
payee noun

a person to whom money is (to be) paid

The payer’s account is debited and the payee’s account is credited.
payment noun

money etc paid

The TV can be paid for in ten weekly payments.

the act of paying

He gave me a book in payment for my kindness.
pay packet noun

an envelope containing a person’s wages

enveloppe de paie
The manager handed out the pay packets.
payroll noun

a list of all the workers in a factory etc

liste de paye
We have 450 people on the payroll.

the total amount of money to be paid to all the workers

frais de personnel
The thieves stole the payroll.
pay back

to give back (to someone something that one has borrowed)

I’ll pay you back as soon as I can.

to punish

faire payer à
I’ll pay you back for that!
pay off

to pay in full and discharge (workers) because they are no longer needed

Hundreds of steel-workers have been paid off.

to have good results

être rentable
His hard work paid off.
pay up

to give (money) to someone, eg in order to pay a debt

s’acquitter (de)
You have three days to pay up (= You must pay up within three days).
put paid to

to prevent a person from doing (something he planned or wanted to do)

foutre en l’air les projets de qqn
The rain put paid to our visit to the zoo.

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