Übersetzung von “peak” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablepeak /pik/
the highest level sth can achieve
pic masculine , sommet masculine

at the peak of his career
au sommet de sa carrière

The noise reached a peak at around midnight.
Le bruit a atteint un pic aux environs de minuit.
the top of a mountain
sommet masculine

They reached the peak at noon.
Ils ont atteint le sommet à midi.
the curved part of a cap that sticks out above the eyes
visière feminine

the peak of his baseball cap
la visière de sa casquette de baseball


adjectivepeak /pik/
(of a level) at its highest
maximum (inv) , culminant/-ante , meilleur/-eure

Unemployment had reached its peak level.
Le chômage avait atteint son niveau maximum.

a runner's peak performance
la meilleure performance d'un coureur
(of a time or period) the busiest
de pointe (inv) , d'affluence (inv)

Avoid traveling during peak times.
Evitez de voyager en périodes de pointe.

peak vacation periods
périodes d'affluence des vacances
; see also off-peak

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noun /piːk/

the pointed top of a mountain or hill

snow-covered peaks.

the highest, greatest, busiest etc point, time etc

He was at the peak of his career.

the front part of a cap which shades the eyes

The boy wore a cap with a peak.
peaked adjective

having a peak

à visière; pointu
a peaked cap.
peaky adjective

looking pale and unhealthy

You look peaky today.

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