Übersetzung von “peer” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb intransitivepeer /pɪər/
to look at sth that is difficult to see
regarder , sonder

He peered into the darkness.
Il sonda l'obscurité.

She stood peering over the wall.
Elle se tenait debout, regardant par-dessus le mur.


noun countablepeer [ pɪər ]
sb who is the same age, on the same level, etc. as another person
pair masculine

Is he learning at the same rate as his peers?
Est-ce qu'il apprend au même rythme que ses pairs ?

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noun /piə/

a nobleman (in Britain, one from the rank of baron upwards)

a peer of the realm.

a person’s equal in rank, merit or age

(de) pair(s)
The child was disliked by his peers
(also adjective) He is more advanced than the rest of his peer group.
peerage /-ridʒ/ noun

a peer’s title or status

pairie (obtention du titre de pair)
He was granted a peerage.

(often with plural verb when considered as a number of separate individuals) all noblemen as a group

The peerage has/have many responsibilities.
peeress noun

the wife or widow of a peer.


a woman who is a peer in her own right.

peerless adjective

without equal; better than all others

sans pareil
Sir Galahad was a peerless knight.


verb /piə/

to look with difficulty

He peered at the small writing.

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