Übersetzung von “pepper” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounpepper /ˈpɛpər/
uncountable a strong-tasting white or black powder used to flavor food
poivre masculine

Add a little salt and pepper.
Ajoutez un peu de sel et de poivre.
countable ( bell pepper,) a hollow red, green, or yellow vegetable with seeds inside
poivron masculine

sliced red pepper
poivron rouge émincé
countable a very spicy small red, green, or yellow vegetable used to flavor food
piment masculine

chili peppers
piments rouges

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noun /ˈpepə/

the dried, powdered berries of a certain plant, used for seasoning food

white/black pepper
This soup has too much pepper in it.

the plant bearing these berries

a pepper plant.

any of several red, yellow, or green, hollow seed-containing fruits used as food

piment, poivron
red peppers stuffed with rice.

any of the plants which bear these.

poivron, piment
peppery adjective

(of food) containing a lot of pepper

The soup is too peppery.

easily made angry

a peppery old man.
peppercorn noun

the berry of the pepper plant.

grain de poivre
pepper mill noun

a small container in which peppercorns are ground into a powder.

moulin à poivre
peppermint noun

a flavouring taken from a type of plant and used in sweets etc

menthe (poivrée)
peppermint tea.

(sometimes abbreviated to mint) a sweet flavoured with peppermint

bonbon à la menthe
The little boy had a bag of peppermints.



(with with) to throw, fire etc many, usually small, objects at (someone)

He peppered them with bullets.

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