Übersetzung von “perform” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbperform /pərˈfɔrm/
transitive-intransitive to act, sing, dance etc. for an audience
se produire , jouer , interpréter

The band has been invited to perform in China.
Le groupe a été invité à se produire/jouer en Chine.

He's here to perform his new song.
Il est ici pour interpréter sa nouvelle chanson.
transitive =carry out; to do a piece of work or duty
pratiquer , mener

The doctors performed the operation immediately.
Les médecins ont immédiatement pratiqué l'intervention.

We're performing a market analysis.
Nous menons une analyse de marché.

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verb /pəˈfoːm/

to do, especially with care or as a duty

The doctor performed the operation.

to act (in the theatre etc) or do anything musical, theatrical etc to entertain an audience

The company will perform a Greek play
She performed on the violin.
performance noun

the doing of something

He is very conscientious in the performance of his duties.

the way in which something or someone performs

His performance in the exams was not very good.

something done on stage etc

The company gave a performance of ‘Othello’
His last three performances have been excellent.
performer noun

a person who performs, especially theatrically or musically

The concert attracted some of the country’s top performers.

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