Übersetzung von “period” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableperiod /ˈpɪəriəd/
a measure of time
période feminine

a 3-hour period
une période de 3 heures

a period of three weeks
une période de trois semaines
a written mark (.) that indicates the end of a sentence
point masculine

Remember to use a period at the end of your sentences.
Rappelez-vous d'utiliser un point à la fin de vos phrases.
the flow of blood from a woman's uterus each month
règles feminine plural

the time when a woman gets her period
le moment où une femme a ses règles

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noun /ˈpiəriəd/

any length of time

a period of three days
a period of waiting.

a stage in the Earth’s development, an artist’s development, in history etc

ère, période
the Pleistocene period
the modern period.

the punctuation mark (.), put at the end of a sentence; a full stop.

point (final)
periodic /-ˈo-/ adjective

happening, done etc occasionally

He suffers from periodic fits of depression.

(also periodical) happening, done etc at regular intervals

periodical reports.
periodically adverb

We see each other periodically.
periodical /-ˈo-/ noun

a magazine which is issued regularly (every week, month etc)

a lifestyle periodical aimed at women.

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