Übersetzung von “person” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableperson /ˈpɜrsən/ ( plural people )
a human being
personne feminine

What sort of person would steal money from a child?
Quelle sorte de personne volerait de l'argent à un enfant ?

He's the one person I thought I could trust.
Il est la seule personne dont je pensais que je pourrais lui faire confiance.
in person
done yourself and not by letter, on the telephone, etc.
en personne

You can apply for your passport online or in person.
Vous pouvez demander votre passeport en ligne ou en personne.

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noun /ˈpəːsn/ (plural people /ˈpiːpl/, persons)

a human being

There’s a person outside who wants to speak to you.

a person’s body

He never carried money on his person (= with him
in his pockets etc).
personal adjective

one’s own

This is his personal opinion
The matter will have my personal attention.


This is a personal matter between him and me.

in person

en personne
The Prime Minister will make a personal appearance.

(making remarks which are) insulting, especially about a person’s appearance etc

personal remarks
Don’t be personal!
personality noun (plural personalities)

a person’s characteristics (of the mind, the emotions etc) as a whole

a likeable / forceful (= strong) personality.

strong, distinctive (usually attractive) character

She is not beautiful, but she has a lot of personality.

a well-known person

(de la) personnalité
a television personality
(also adjective) a personality cult (= very great, usually too great, admiration for a person, usually a political leader).
personally adverb

in one’s own opinion

Personally, I prefer the other one.

doing something oneself, not having or letting someone else do it on one’s behalf

He thanked me personally.
personal computer noun

(also PC) a small computer that can be used independently by an individual user for word-processing, games, e-mail, storage of information. etc.

ordinateur; PC
personal pronoun

a pronoun which refers to the first, second or third persons.

personal stereo noun

(also Walkman®) a small (radio and) cassette player with headphones that enables the person wearing it to listen to music while walking etc.

walkman®; baladeur
personal watercraft noun

a small boat for one or two people that is ridden like a motorcycle.

scooter des mers
in person

personally; one’s self, not represented by someone else

en personne
The Queen was there in person
I’d like to thank him in person.

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