Übersetzung von “perspective” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounperspective /pərˈspɛktɪv/
countable sb's view
point masculine de vue

my perspective on life
mon point de vue sur la vie

Try to see things from David's perspective.
Essaie de voir les choses du point de vue de David.
uncountable the ability to judge sth in a sensible or logical way
mesure feminine

a sense of perspective
un sens de la mesure

He seems to have lost all perspective.
Il semble avoir perdu toute mesure.
keep sth in perspective
garder le sens de la mesure , garder sth en perspective

It is hard for people who suddenly become rich to keep things in perspective.
Il est difficile pour les gens qui deviennent soudainement riches de garder les choses en perspective / le sens de la mesure.
uncountable drawing things so that they have the correct or natural relationship to each other
perspective feminine

The perspective in the painting is not quite right.
La perspective dans ce tableau n'est pas tout à fait correcte.

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noun /pəˈspektiv/

the way of drawing solid objects, natural scenes etc on a flat surface, so that they appear to have the correct shape, distance from each other etc

Early medieval paintings lacked perspective.

a picture or view of something

I would like a clearer perspective of the situation.
in / out of perspective

(of an object in a painting, photograph etc) having, or not having, the correct size, shape, distance etc in relation to the rest of the picture

disponible; épuisé
These houses don’t seem to be in perspective in your drawing.

with, or without, a correct or sensible understanding of something’s true importance

en perspective
Try to get these problems in(to) perspective
Keep things in perspective.

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