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verb transitivepick /pɪk/
=choose; to decide which of two or more things you want

Ellie picked the red one.
Elle choisit le rouge.

He was picked to be the new principal.
Il a été choisi pour être le nouveau principal.
to take a fruit or flower off a plant

We were picking apples.
Nous cueillions des pommes.

He picked a flower and handed it to her.
Il cueillit une fleur et la lui donna.
to scratch or tear pieces off

Don't pick your zits.
Ne gratte pas tes boutons.
pick sb's brains
informal to ask for information
faire appel aux lumières de qqn

I need to pick your brains about fund raising.
Je dois faire appel à tes lumières pour ce qui est de la collecte de fonds.
pick a fight
to deliberately start a fight
provoquer une bagarre

He got drunk and picked a fight with someone.
Il s'est enivré et a provoqué une bagarre avec quelqu'un.
pick your nose
to pull mucus from your nose
se curer le nez

pick at

verb phrasalpick at [ ˈpɪk ˌæt ]
to scratch or pull on repeatedly
informal tripoter

He picked at a hole in his jeans.
Il tripotait un trou dans son jean.
to eat very little of your food
manger du bout des dents

She was quiet and just picked at her breakfast.
Elle était calme et se contentait de manger son petit-déjeuner du bout des dents.

pick on

verb phrasalpick on [ ˈpɪk ˌɒn, ˌɔn ]
to tease, criticize, or say unkind things to
s'en prendre à

Stop picking on the little kids.
Cesse de t'en prendre aux petits enfants.

pick out

verb phrasalpick out [ ˈpɪk ˈaʊt ]
=select; to choose from among several things

He picked out two roses to give to his mother.
Il a cueilli deux roses pour les donner à sa mère.
to be able to recognize from among several people or things

She picked out the two men who had attacked her.
Elle identifia les deux hommes qui l'avaient attaquée.

pick up

verb phrasalpick up [ ˈpɪk ˈʌp ]
to use your hands to lift
ramasser , prendre

Pick up that trash.
Ramasse cette camelote.

She picked the baby up.
Elle a pris le bébé dans ses bras.
to go to a place to get

Can you come pick me up at the bus station?
Peux-tu me prendre à la gare routière ?

I picked up the car from the garage.
J'ai pris la voiture dans le garage.
to learn
apprendre , prendre

I picked up a few phrases when we visited France.
J'ai appris quelques expressions quand nous avons visité la France.

You've picked up some bad habits.
Tu as pris quelques mauvaises habitudes.
to become infected with an illness

He picked up a cold at school.
Il a attrapé un rhume à l'école.
to buy, get, or obtain easily or cheaply

I picked both of these up for $25.
J'ai déniché ces deux-là pour 25 $.
to start again in the place where you stopped

We'll pick up the discussion here next week.
Nous reprendrons là la discussion la semaine prochaine.
informal to make a place neat by putting things away

Have you picked up your room?
As-tu débarrassé ta chambre ?
to receive a signal being broadcast

The radio couldn't pick up the signal.
La radio ne pouvait pas capter le signal.
pick up speed
to go faster
prendre de la vitesse

The plane was picking up speed on the runway.
L'avion prenait de la vitesse sur la piste.
pick up the bill/tab
to pay for sth
payer (la note)

wealthy parents who pick up the tab for their kids' education
les parents riches qui payent pour l'éducation de leurs enfants

pick up on

verb phrasalpick up on [ ˈpɪk ˈʌp ˌɒn, ˌɔn ]
to notice

A good teacher will quickly pick up on a student's emotional troubles.
Un bon professeur va rapidement remarquer les troubles émotionnels d'un étudiant.
to start discussing sth mentioned earlier
revenir sur

I'd like to pick up on a point you made before.
J'aimerais revenir sur un point que vous avez fait auparavant.


noun countablepick /pɪk/
a piece of plastic used to play a guitar
médiator masculine

a guitar pick
un médiator de guitare
a sharp tool for breaking into hard surfaces
pic masculine

an ice pick
un pic à glace
sb's pick
informal sb or sth you think will win or be the best
le / la favori/-ite de qqn

Who's your pick to win the series?
Qui est ton favori pour gagner le championnat ?
have your pick
to be allowed to choose whatever you want
avoir le choix

He had his pick of good jobs.
Il a le choix parmi de bons emplois.
the pick of
the best of
le/la meilleur/-eure de

Their new diesel is the pick of the bunch.
Leur nouveau diesel est le meilleur de tous.
take your pick
used to tell sb to choose whatever they want
fais/faites ton/votre choix

Take your pick - they're all fresh from the oven.
Faites votre choix ; ils sont tout frais sorti du four.

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verb /pik/

to choose or select

Pick the one you like best.

to take (flowers from a plant, fruit from a tree etc), usually by hand

The little girl sat on the grass and picked flowers.

to lift (someone or something)

soulever, prendre
He picked up the child.

to unlock (a lock) with a tool other than a key

crocheter (une serrure)
The thief must have picked the lock with a hair-pin.
pickpocket noun

a person who steals from people’s pockets

voleur/-euse à la tire
He kept his wallet in his hand because he knew there would be pickpockets in the crowd.
pick-up noun

a type of small lorry or van.


the part of a record-player that holds the stylus.

pick and choose

to select or choose very carefully

When I’m buying apples, I like to pick and choose (the ones I want).
pick at

to eat very little of (something)

He was not very hungry, and just picked at the food on his plate.
pick someone’s brains

to ask (a person) questions in order to get ideas, information etc from him which one can use oneself

faire appel aux lumières de qqn
You might be able to help me with this problem – can I come and pick your brains for a minute!
pick holes in

to criticize or find faults in (an argument, theory etc)

trouver à redire
He sounded very convincing, but I’m sure one could pick holes in what he said.
pick off

to shoot (especially people in a group) one by one

abattre (successivement)
He picked off the enemy soldiers.
pick on

to choose (someone) to do a usually difficult or unpleasant job

Why do they always pick on me to do the washing-up?

to speak to or treat (a person) angrily or critically

Don’t pick on me – it wasn’t my fault.
pick out

to choose or select

She picked out one dress that she particularly liked.

to see or recognize (a person, thing etc)

He must be among those people getting off the train, but I can’t pick him out.

to play (a piece of music), especially slowly and with difficulty, especially by ear, without music in front of one

retrouver (un air)
I don’t really play the piano, but I can pick out a tune on one with one finger.
pick someone’s pocket

to steal something from a person’s pocket

pratiquer le vol à la tire
My wallet has gone – someone has picked my pocket!
pick a quarrel/fight with (someone)

to start a quarrel, argument or fight with (someone) on purpose

chercher querelle/la bagarre
He was angry because I beat him in the race, and he tried to pick a fight with me afterwards.
pick up

to learn gradually, without formal teaching

I never studied Italian – I just picked it up when I was in Italy.

to let (someone) into a car, train etc in order to take him somewhere

I picked him up at the station and drove him home.

to get (something) by chance

I picked up a bargain at the shops today.

to right (oneself) after a fall etc; to stand up

se relever
He fell over and picked himself up again.

to collect (something) from somewhere

(passer) prendre
I ordered some meat from the butcher – I’ll pick it up on my way home tonight.

(of radio, radar etc) to receive signals

We picked up a foreign broadcast last night.

to find; to catch

retrouver; arrêter
We lost his trail but picked it up again later
The police picked up the criminal.
pick up speed

to go faster; to accelerate

prendre de la vitesse
The car picked up speed as it ran down the hill.
pick one’s way

to walk carefully (around or between something one wishes to avoid touching etc)

avancer avec précaution parmi
She picked her way between the puddles.



the best one(s) from or the best part of something

le meilleur
These grapes are the pick of the bunch.


noun /pik/

(also (British ) pickaxe, (American ) pickaxplural pickaxes) a tool with a heavy metal head pointed at one or both ends, used for breaking hard surfaces eg walls, roads, rocks etc.


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